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Dec 28, 2008 05:28 PM

Top Tomato Superstore

According to recent signage, this supermarket (?) is coming to the space in Freehold Township formerly occupied by Acme's in Mount's Corner Shopping Center at the intersection of Rt. 537 (Main Street) and Wemrock Road. Apparently, there is a Top Tomato Superstore in Brick. I don't know anything about the place and there appears to be no website. Anyone have any intelligence?

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  1. Its a produce market with a pretty good butcher and also some baked goods. Carries some Italian specialties. Here the website:

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      Originally a Staten Island market on Hyland Blvd & Forest ave locations.....they also now do some catering.

    2. I have been to both the Hyland Blvd store on Staten Island and the store on Brick Blvd in Brick, NJ and they are both small but competent markets but not really worth a very long
      drive to try the Top Tomato expeience. Mainly a limited selection of just average fruit and meat at a fair price. Groceries of any other sort are very limited and over priced.

      Bottom line is they are simply a convenience store trying to compete with Wegmans but does not come close in either size, selection, price or even convenience. With their one or two chashiers you will feel like you are shopping in the 1950's. If you decide to go to brick wear a jacket or sweater as they keep the store temp so low you will freeze otherwize. I guess this is a tactic to add shelf life to their produce, which sits out in the open and takes up a good portion of the space in the store.

      1. I work in Manalapan but I live in Staten Island and I shop at the Top Tomato in Great Kills almost weekly. The produce, meat and deli are fresher and half the price of Wegmans. They carry prepared meals and dairy products and of course bread fom Brooklyn. Although not as large as a supermarket I can be in out very quickly even on a Saturday. There are never less than 4 cashiers at any given time and are very quick. I agree they are pricey on other household goods but one can always go to a supermarket or wholesale club for those items on a monthly basis. They also have a fresh fish market called Top Fish inside but it is a seperate concession, also very good. I think this store will give the nearby Foodtown a run for the money.

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          No doubt the SI store is a good place to shop which we discovered about 20 years ago.
          We still go to Pastosa on Richmond Ave. and not the one in Manalapan because of the people and quality of product. I'm convinced that if you want Italian food or to dine out SI is the place to go. That said I still stand behind my comments above which are meant for the Brick store. Did not mean to imply they are bad, just simply OK.

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            We just had a belated Xmas party with family tonight...all catered by Top Tomato in Brick. It was enjoyed by all.......Cold Antipasto, Eggplant Rollatini, Chicken Sorrentino, Paramount Bakery Bread, Pastries from Caputo's in Long Branch, assorted Fruits and Espresso......& some home made red wine! Top Tomato is a wonderful store give it a try.

            1. re: Tapas52

              I go to the Brick Top Tomato because it has a really good meat selection at a great value. I am psyched that they are opening up right near my house in Freehold. They are not trying to be Wegmans, they have been around much longer than any of us have known Wegmans. I used to shop there over 20 yrs ago in Brooklyn NY when it was mainly a produce market.


        2. Passed by
          Freehold store Sign
          Opening Wed April 29th

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              Corner of 537 South (West Main St.) and Wemrock Rd., strip mall across the street from Moore's. Briefly an Acme.

              Edit- Wait a second, the OP posted the address...DUH!

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                Right next to Raintree plaza, where Acme was.

                1. re: Rev Tim

                  Top Tomato is opening tomorrow, Wed the 29th!
                  I cant wait!!!!!


              1. re: jsfein

                I never saw that parking lot so crowded. I went in to check it out and I could barely move! Needless to say, I left fast! I dont like crowds or long lines LOL. Luckily I live only minutes away and will be there many times after all the Grand Opening bru haha dies down lol. is a gorgeous store! They did a great job....and the specialty areas look FANTASTIC!