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Dec 28, 2008 05:01 PM

Where in SF can I buy Orange Flower Water?

I found a great recipe in Gourmet for sweet ricotta pastries, however it calls for orange-flower water. I have never seen this before, where in SF can I buy small bottle besides online?


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  1. I saw it at the Andronico's in the inner sunset.

    1. BevMo, it's a drink ingredient, e.g., Ramos Gin Fizz

      1. Either Rainbow Grocery or the Middle Eastern market on Mission between 25th and 26th. They also sell it at Berkeley Bowl.

        1. I don't live in SF, but any Persian or middle eastern market will have it, next to the rose water. You will also be able to find it at gourmet food stores, often times, but it's far more expensive.

          1. second vote for rainbow