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Dec 28, 2008 04:49 PM

A whole mess of kidney beans - any ideas?

I did something ridiculous today - I misread a recipe and am now stuck with 6 cups of soaked/cooked kidney beans. I don't usually cook with kidney beans and I have no ideas. Do you? Thanks in advance! N

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  1. Nikki, they are great in stews...minestrone comes to mind..and I have a Minestrone casserole recipe that you might like...otherwise, chili is the best choice for kidney beans...and maybe Goodhealthgourmet's Healthy Smokey Black Bean could very easily sub in the kidney beans, I am quite sure!!!

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      hey, thanks for mentioning that, Val! :) i was actually going to suggest it, and somehow forgot.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Girl, I ALWAYS mention your dip whenever is so great! I made some a few days ago and it's almost gone. Nikki, you can also do a 3 Bean Salad with those kidney beans...had some of that at MIL's over the weekend, one of her more retro dishes but we devoured it.

        1. re: Val

          aww, thanks :) i was actually thinking about making it tonight, since i picked up some beautiful cilantro yesterday. i think i'll definitely do that.

          Nikki, if you want an interesting idea for a salad, this Bon App├ętit recipe sounds really good...

    2. that's not ridiculous - we all misread from time to time :)

      - chili
      - bean salad
      - bean soup
      - veggie burgers (or mix with ground meat to bulk up burgers or meatloaf)
      - baked or re-fried beans
      - red beans & rice
      - add them to a green salad

      1. I tried this dip recipe from Nigella Lawson and really liked it. Here is the link. Good luck thats a whole lotta beans. Juli

        1. Red beans and rice is a great way to use up those beans.

          1. I would recommend 3 Caribbean dishes: Rice and peas with unsweetened coconut milk, a few sprigs of thyme, a flattened stalk or two of scallions and a scotchbonnet tossed in the pot whole to flavor the rice and peas but not make it too spicy. Red pea soup is good and you just need to add the normal veggies like scallion, carrot, onion, garlic in there maybe a few dumplings. Stew peas is a similar dish over rice so it s even more hearty with the dumplings and salt beef/pork and perhaps a pig tail thrown in. Yeah I think I am jonesing for some traditional food.