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Dec 28, 2008 04:44 PM

Asahi Ramen "pickle" question

Terrible ramen but I love the pickled cucumbers that come first. I'm headed over to the recipe board to ask for help but before I do - I was wondering is there someone that knows the name of this type of pickle.


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  1. is it the lightly pickled sunomono cucumbers?

    1. I'll jump in on this one if no one else cares to. I share your sentiments about Asahi Ramen, mostley, but that's beside the point.

      I make these (or a pretty decent version of) the marinated/pickled cucumbers they serve at Asahi Ramen.

      Here's my recipe:

      3 Baby Cucumbers* - Cut into 1/8" slices
      1/2 C. Soy Sauce
      2 Tbls. Rice Vinegar
      1 Tbls. Yuzu* or lemon juice
      1 Tsp. Togarashi* - 7 Chili Pepper spice

      I mostly freehand on the quantities to my taste, but mix enough to almost cover the cucumbers.

      Mix all ingredients together, and set in fridge for at least 30 minutes, up to an hour. Every now and then, turn over with a spoon.

      Drain most of the marinade off and serve.

      *available at Mistuwa or Nijiya markets.


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        sorry for the late response...thanks for your recipe. I'll try it.