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Dec 28, 2008 04:23 PM

Seeking memorable NY's Eve Dinner

Myself and 3 friends are spending New Years in Seattle and would love to find a fun, atmospheric restaurant for a memorable NY's Eve dinner, preferably in the Capitol Hill or Downtown areas. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! I've done a bit of research and am thinking Union, Crush and Palace Kitchen are looking good so far (the 100 dollar per head multi-course meals at the first 2 is a bit rich for our blood--not out of the question, but would love some other suggestions). Thanks!!

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  1. If Union (our favorite spot) is too expensive for your pocketbook, consider the Artemis Cafe & Bar on Capitol Hill. You'll find excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable bar service (with a stellar selection of fine spirits) and a wondrously fresh and well-prepared (if simple) menu. If you're lucky, you''ll score the window seat table with the view of the Space Needle. You'll get out of there for about half what you'd pay at Union and will waver between the desire to tell all of your friends about this great spot and the desire to keep this secret to yourselves.

    *edit* it looks like their New Year's special event pricing is a bit higher than what we normally spend on dinner there, but will still be a fraction (more like 3/4 rather than 1/2) of the price at Union.

    1. I got an email yesterday from Poppy with their $75 prix fixe menu--it looked pretty good. I really enjoyed the one meal I've had there.

      1. Chef Jason Wilson at Crush is doing a prix fixe tasting menu for $100 -- a deal considering the usual prix fixe is $125. The menu (as always) looks fantastic.

        2319 E. Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112

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          Oops. Just noticed that Crush already is a contender in the original post. I pinky swear the $100/person price tag is well worth it. They always throw in extra goodies, like an amuse bouche, sorbet course, delish bread/butter, and mignardises at the end of the meal. It's my favorite restaurant in the city and has always been worth the splurge.

        2. I love Crush, but I also loved Poppy when I went, and it seems to suit your budget a bit better. It is a large and lively room, so I think it will be a good place to ring in the new year.

          1. Thanks all for the kind suggestions; Crush won our reservations after much debate, and we were not disappointed. Truly exceptional food and service, a thoroughly memorable meal overall.

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              Update: The current quality of service at Crush is up for debate. They no longer have a service/wine director and they are extremely short staffed.