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Dec 28, 2008 04:09 PM

sushi rec's

hi all,
looking for fresh sushi rec's. I've heard Tomo on Sullivan is great and I know Yama is suppose to be really good. thoughts? I need a place that has really good quality sushi and sashimi that also has cooked food. preferably below 23rd street east or west. nothing that will break the bank but does not have to be cheap.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can you give us a sense of how much you wnat to spend, and whether or not it includes drinks? I'm not a fan of Tomo - in my limited experience there, the quality of the fish just isn't great. I've not tried Yama, though what I've read here on CH doesn't encourage me to try it. You might want to look into Kanomaya (sp?) in the East Village.

    1. I guess besides the questions that MMRuth mentioned, you may also want to let us know what kind of sushi you are looking for. Tomo(e?) and Yama serve more Americanized sushi like fusion rolls or maki, and their nigiri sushi isn't exactly great. Are you looking the fusion rolls or the authentic kind?

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        just basic sushi........
        price, not really sure since I do not eat it often. whatever sushi costs. Just some good sushi, nothing fancy. I use to love Iso on 2nd ave, but they closed. not including drinks.

        1. re: BLover33

          uh...what's basic sushi? (traditional nigiri or say california rolls?)

          1. re: kobetobiko

            california rolls, spicy tuna, eel....

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              You can go to Kanoyama then. No need to sit at the sushi counter, just sit at the table and order from the menu. You will do fine.

                1. re: BLover33

                  I walked in Tsushima on 47th between 3rd and Lex recently and was very pleasantly surprised. Probably on par with Kanoyama.

                  If you want more fancy rolls (like Dragon roll for example), I'd suggest Yama or Mizu on 20th between Park/Broadway

      2. Hamachi--also on 20th--never crowded (dont let that fool you) and delicious!