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Dec 28, 2008 04:00 PM

Good Eats in El Paso?

DH and I plan on visiting our son stationed at Ft. Bliss before he is deployed.

Any suggestions as to where to take him in El Paso? Good food & casual dress. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Nothing outstanding. Depends on what you are looking to eat- everything is casual. Our old standbys are the Greenery for basic American and Great American for meats.

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          Nothing outstanding? Cafe Central is some seriously good eats with top notch wine service. When I am in El Paso, it is a must stop. It is not exactly casual, but jeans with a nice shirt are fine. This would be a special meal before he deploys.

        2. El Paso is a great food city, with outstanding taquerias and a great food tradition, especially bordering New Mexico. I'd put the red-chile guisada I had one morning in the courthouse cafeteria-and I'm not joking here-as one of the best meals I've had, up there with some of the best fine-dining I've had. Jacalito's, just off the downtown area, has great aguas frescas and an interesting mole and some of the best chile verde and red chile I've had outside of Santa Fe.. But in my trips to town, I've always been surprised with something that the locals were merely nonplussed about. Definitely, not the Tex-Mex of the rest of the state.

          1. A short ride to Santa Teresa NM to Billy Crews steakhouse. Food is very good, outstanding wine list.

            1. I'd drive over to Canutillo (really the North end of EP) for Tamales Lupita's. It's ultra ultra casual, only a few booths outside to sit and eat but at least go and pick up tamales. They are huge and delicious. I recommend both the pork & chicken plus the green chile & cheese. So good!

              For in town, breakfast is great at Good Coffee...they have several locations, so google for the one closest to your hotel and/or Ft. Bliss.

              I can't give a rec for dinner as I always eat with family when there.