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Dec 28, 2008 03:58 PM

Upbeat place & delicious food in DC?

I am looking for suggestions for when my brother visits me. I have some ideas in mind but do not want to miss out on any places I may have overlooked. Places we have been to and liked; Marrakesh, 2 Amy's, Neyla, Tenpenh, Central, 2941, Matchbox, Colorado Kitchen (no longer there.) We like all cuisines. Will consider all price ranges from dives to upscale. We are also interested in trying Ethiopian. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For great food and decor, I love Proof. The food, wine, and ambience are spectacular. Other great places that would fit your criteria are Blue Duck Tavern, Hook, and Oyamel.
      What about CityZen? Not sure if it's in your price range but the entire experience is fantastic.
      Oya is also a great place...the decor is very chic and sexy and the food is good too (although I think it's claim to fame is more the atmosphere than anything else).
      My husband and I are going to The Source on Friday for lunch...will let you know...have heard great things!

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        Hi Joann- Thanks for the feedback. I agree about Proof- I went there a couple of weeks ago (although I wish I had ordered a different entree-but my appetizer & dessert and my friend's entree were great.). Please let me know how The Source is..I was considering that in addition to Tosca and Bar Pilar!

      2. You also might want to consider some more of the usual U Street suspects- I liked Creme (updated Southern) a great deal, cozy and comforting and fun, all at once. Tabaq (updated Turkish) is sleeker, and there is that view out over the city on top. There's also this..., which depending on your tastes might be a great way to start or finish an evening.

        1. Since you seem to like ethnic food, you should also consider Rasika, Oyamel and Zatinya.

          1. For Ethipioan, try Etete. Great food, and good location. U street offers a lot in terms of things to do after dinner.

            Also, Granville Moore's in NE had a really great atmosphere, IMO. Friendly bartenders, dark and cozy bar area, and removed from the hustle and bustle of your Penn Quarter establishments. I've heard some people have been disappointed about the food there recently, but I went just a few weeks ago and my dinner was good.

            Finally, if you and your brother have a sweet tooth, CoCo Sala for dessert and drinks! More of a trendy vibe, but the waitstaff is very friendly and the desserts are fantastic.

            Have fun with your brother!

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              Granville Moore & CoCo Sala are great suggestions! =)