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Dec 28, 2008 03:18 PM

Duck Fat in NoVA?

Is there a reasonable source for this item in NoVA or possibly online (with realistic shipping)? I have checked with Wegman's and they do not carry it. Thanks!

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  1. Check with someone who carries D'artagnan products. I have gotten duck fat from them, although not in the DC area. Check with Balduccis in Alexandria or McLean. If they don't have it, D'artagnan is available on-line

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      Call Cheesetique in Alexandria and see if they'll order you some.

      Several friends went in on a bulk order last week - a confit co-op if you will - and got a bit of a discount, but the regular price was $35/gallon bucket (no quarts available, and no delivery.) They also can get duck legs. Alternatively, you can try Bella Bella Gourmet, $18/quart and $55/gallon, but the shipping from CT starts around $24.

    2. Duck fat is an important and anticipated by-product of one of my favorite kitchen efforts: slow cooking a duck in a crock pot. Cut a whole duck into two or three pieces that will fit, add some salt and pepper, and turn it on low. After six or so hours, the duck meat has been reduced to a poor-man's confit that I use for tacos or salad. The fat remaining in the cock pot is pure, golden heaven that keeps in the refrigerator for a long time.

      1. I just picked up a tub at the new Wegman's in Gainesville the week they opened. They do too have it.

        1. Arrowine in North Arlington, Lee Highway will order it for you. Speak with Perry and/or Aldo. They've ordered many d'Artagnan products for me. You should also try the Balducci's in McLean, on Old Dominion. They had it at one point.

          Cocinero Cubano

          1. Bought it at the Wegman's in Fairfax. Seen it in Gainsville.