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Dec 28, 2008 03:11 PM

not to be missed restaurants in Paris?

Haven't been to Paris since 2001 and wanted foodies' help in selecting restaurants for an upcoming visit. We have been to Michel Rostang, Taillevant, etc., etc. What are the newest? Are there any eclectic ones to try? Price is not a concern but also don't want to eat in fancy, 10 course meal restaurants every night. Ethnic suggestions are welcome, too. Many, many thanks for your recommendations.

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  1. The newest top restaurants are mostly l'Astrance, and then the main palaces, le Cinq, le Meurice, and even les Ambassadeurs for those who like it. L'Astrance is definitely the most original and also the least fancy.

    For bistrots, the new generation is made of Spring (good luck getting a table), le Chateaubriand, Racines, Itinéraires, le Jeu de Quilles among others. It's the same new generation as l'Astrance, chefs that are trying to make their life better. They don't redefine food but they work well.

    Other than that the best bistrots remain the same -- Régalade, Ami Jean, Chez Denise, etc. Camdeborde (formerly la Régalade) opened le Comptoir, that makes bistrot food at lunch (no reservation) and more gastro in the evening (hard to get a table). Christophe has awesome food in a depressing setting (I checked again last friday -- great duck).

    I take this opportunity to signal that I had a very great meal at Ledoyen. It's been a long time since I had such exciting food, so well crafted and selected. Come to think of it, it probably dates back to the Lucas Carton days. Even better, it was based on the lunch deal, which I heartily recommend.

    Pics here:

    In ethnic, I recently discovered Likafo av de Choisy, by far the best Cantonese food in town, to my knowledge, but avoid going on weekends. There is also great Vietnamese food in Paris (Lac Hong, Co Ba, Pho 14). And of course wonderful couscous (Wally le Saharien, Table de Fès, 404, chez Hamadi). Lao Lane Xanq is all the hype those days.

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      If the Co Ba referred to is at "181 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore", it's permanently gone. We walked to it from Champ Eleyesse the other night looking for a quiet Viet night and found the place to be replaced by a Japanese sushi place.

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        That's not the one (it wsa never that good to start with). I was referring to the one on rue Croix-Nivert. It is Co Tu, not Co Ba. My bad.

    2. To add to Souphie's list, all wonderful, try Atelier du Robuchon, going to Las Vegas branch tomorrow, will see to compare, also a little favorite of mine Huiterie Regis, 20 meters off Mabillon metro stop, very, very small and serves only oysters by the dozen with the appropriate Muscadet sur lies. l also very much like Le Grand Pan near Porte de Vanves for their Cotes du boeuf, veau, and porc and great variety of wine from carafe. Very simple for lunch near Hotel Druout is Noodle Town, fast lunch and excellent noodle soups.