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Dec 28, 2008 02:38 PM

Any Sunday Night Recommendations? Save Me From The Gumbo Shop!

Seems like most of the top restaurants are closed on Sunday night. Any recommendations in or near the Quarter for a not-too-fancy Sunday night dinner?

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  1. you could grab a burger at Luke or sit at their bar and have oysters

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      We wound up at Dante's. Excellent diner. I dragged her, kicking and screaming, because she thought it "didn't look good" from the webpage. So, she agreed to go with me, and then we would go back to the Quarter for her. Then, she took one taste of my shrimp & grits, and then the brussels sprouts, and she ordered the chicken. We were both quite happy.

      1. I believe Parkway Bakery and Port of Call are both open on Sundays. They are both very casual.

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          The Redfish Grill is open on Sunday's . it's on Bourbon St. about a block from Canal St. the BBQ oysters are great. the Creamy Cajun Red Bean Dip is good also.

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            Actually, what I likemost about Redfish is their Chocolate Bread Pudding.

        2. Upperline is open on Sunday for dinner from 5.30pm

          1. Try Rambla on camp st... lots of fun and affordable too. Its owned by the same people who have the uber-fancy delicious Cuvee on magazine.. Anyway, its open sunday and offers lots of delactable bites, went there last week..loved it!