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Dec 28, 2008 02:15 PM

Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

I was cruising along Rt. 119 through Elmsford last week and caught sight of a Persian restaurant, Shiraz, which I believe is new. I believe the address is 83 Main Street and it's on the north side of the street, east of Rt. 9A. Any chowhounds been there?

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  1. wow that sounds interesting. I haven't had persian food since I moved here from california 19 years ago-- I'd definately make the trip

    1. Thanks for that sighting - my husband works in Elmsford. If he goes, I'll try to report back.

      1. I dropped by and checked out both the restaurant and food market today.
        Biggest down side: location has had at least 4 failed asian restaurants. I do wish the owners much better luck.
        Market is worth a visit to check out products.
        Restaurant has been open for two weeks. Still some housekeeping to do in the front end. But nothing more than what would be normal during an (cold) opening.
        Very well put together otherwise.
        Menu looked good-Mediterranean.
        They do have a sister restaurant in Edgewater, NJ
        Nether seems to have a web site.
        For me, worth a dinner to check out this month.

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          We had dinner there and note the following:
          Appetizers were quite good. Freshly prepared and well seasoned.
          Main courses were good but not great.
          Room was brightly lit with depressing piano music.
          No wine/beer or bar.
          Conclusion - Good for locals with a desire for a Persian meal but I wouldn't go out of my way.

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            We went there last night along with an Iranian friend. We hit both the market and the restaurant. Our friend said that the market prices were better than what she would get going to the markets in Queens.

            The restaurant was quite good. We enjoyed good service and very good food at a reasonable price.

            We shared the hummus, mixed pickles, and chicken salad for appetizers. I didn't try the chicken salad (although my DW said that it wasn't as good as the one our friend makes). The hummus could have had a tad more garlic for my taste, but I really enjoyed the mixed pickles. Nicely sour and a good spicy kick!

            For dinner I had the falafel salad with a side ground beef kabob. Which I really enjoyed! Our friend had the ground beef kabab entree, which she enjoyed. DW had a beef stew with lots of herbs. She said the beef was a little dry, but she really liked the herb sauce.

            We didn't have dessert, as we were too full, but the saffron ice cream intrigued me.

            1. re: Jon1856

              I forgot to post up-date: GF and I had a very nice dinner at Shiraz two weeks ago. Well worth a visits if one enjoys Mediterranean type food (Greek/Turkish et al).
              Very simular to them. Difference we both observed was that here food was more delecate. Example: The Baklava was not dripping in honey. Let you taste all the other ingedeanse.
              Everyone was very friendly and helpful; ask a question and you got an informative answer. Ask what and how to use the dried berries.
              Not sure what PBB heard, but background music was fine.

            2. A follow gym rat told me this weekend he when here last week with another couple.
              3 out of 4 loved the place, while the fouth liked it and enjoyed it.
              The only problem my friend had was that, to his taste, the food did not have the zip that he likes. Was not bland, just did not have that zip.
              However as a person who has been to many places here and around the world, he knows what he will do when he returns (as he already plans to). He will ask the kitchen to kick it up a bit.

              He is well aware that many places dumb down their menu and/or receipes to fit the average/typical customer. So one may have talk to the waiter while ordering to either get an idea of what an item is (like) or ask for something different when ordering.

              And if you do not believe me and him, the New York Times had a whole story about it awhile ago.

              1. Went last night with my husband and bottle of wine(love the BYOB). Of course, on a Sunday eve, the restaurant was empty. soon after we began our apps., a fellow chowhounder he heard us speaking of chowhound), came and sat behind us. We really enjoyed our meal.
                We started with an eggplant and tomato , fried onion app and thick yogurt app. It came with a flat crunchy Nan type bread. The eggplant was amazing- perfect blend of flavors, smoky but mellowed by the tomato and the fried onion mixed in added the perfect flavor to this combo. Yogurt was bland for me- just tasted like thickened Greek yogurt.
                My husband had the Cornish hen kabob, recommended by the very personable owner, wearing a comfy but professional outfit to set the family/professional tone to the place. Hubby loved his dish. It came with a garnish of persian pickles, peppers, etc. and a saffron rice- not much different from Basmati. Persian spices were subtle but nice and the hen was cooked to perfection. Moist with nicely criped crust.
                I had the Bronzino- Owner also recommended and explained that it is made without oil or any fat- just simple and delicious. I was apprehensive and thought how could it taste without a drizzle of oil or other fat. It was delicious and again, perfectly prepared. Crispy skin and succulent meat. A nice sized fish and I actually had to take half home since I had overeaten that eggplant spread! Fish came with a great Tabuli salad. I usually do not like tabuli but this one was fresh and mild. We did have the baklava dessert after the owner explained that Persian baklava is not saturated in honey as it is in Greek recipes. Delicious! 3 small pieces of pistachio, walnut and then an almond/pistachio combo piece. My husband had saffron tea to end the meal which he thought was interestingly good. Bill came to 54.00 for the two of us which is what we spend at a diner and we cannot BYOB at a diner. Will definitely be back and look forward to having my leftovers for lunch! Give it a try- let's keep it open and show that this space can have success.

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                1. re: yeshana

                  Sounds yummy, and a much needed addition to the options that are nearby to the Greenburgh movie theater! We'll be sure to try it soon.

                  1. re: yeshana

                    I'll add another positive review for Shiraz. My wife and I were there Sunday night...with the only other table occupied by fellow chowhounders. We weren't too hungry...but we both enjoyed the mixed grill for two entree. Nicely seasoned beef, chicken and steak with delicious safron rice. Large portion, we also took some home. Don't know the history of the location, but the restaurant is tastefully designed, the staff is welcoming and professional, and our food was first rate. With all the posts about Overpriced Westchester (which, sadly, are mostly correct I think) Shiraz clearly fits into a much better category: Gently Priced Westchester.