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Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

I was cruising along Rt. 119 through Elmsford last week and caught sight of a Persian restaurant, Shiraz, which I believe is new. I believe the address is 83 Main Street and it's on the north side of the street, east of Rt. 9A. Any chowhounds been there?

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  1. wow that sounds interesting. I haven't had persian food since I moved here from california 19 years ago-- I'd definately make the trip

    1. Thanks for that sighting - my husband works in Elmsford. If he goes, I'll try to report back.

      1. I dropped by and checked out both the restaurant and food market today.
        Biggest down side: location has had at least 4 failed asian restaurants. I do wish the owners much better luck.
        Market is worth a visit to check out products.
        Restaurant has been open for two weeks. Still some housekeeping to do in the front end. But nothing more than what would be normal during an (cold) opening.
        Very well put together otherwise.
        Menu looked good-Mediterranean.
        They do have a sister restaurant in Edgewater, NJ
        Nether seems to have a web site.
        For me, worth a dinner to check out this month.

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          We had dinner there and note the following:
          Appetizers were quite good. Freshly prepared and well seasoned.
          Main courses were good but not great.
          Room was brightly lit with depressing piano music.
          No wine/beer or bar.
          Conclusion - Good for locals with a desire for a Persian meal but I wouldn't go out of my way.

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            We went there last night along with an Iranian friend. We hit both the market and the restaurant. Our friend said that the market prices were better than what she would get going to the markets in Queens.

            The restaurant was quite good. We enjoyed good service and very good food at a reasonable price.

            We shared the hummus, mixed pickles, and chicken salad for appetizers. I didn't try the chicken salad (although my DW said that it wasn't as good as the one our friend makes). The hummus could have had a tad more garlic for my taste, but I really enjoyed the mixed pickles. Nicely sour and a good spicy kick!

            For dinner I had the falafel salad with a side ground beef kabob. Which I really enjoyed! Our friend had the ground beef kabab entree, which she enjoyed. DW had a beef stew with lots of herbs. She said the beef was a little dry, but she really liked the herb sauce.

            We didn't have dessert, as we were too full, but the saffron ice cream intrigued me.

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              I forgot to post up-date: GF and I had a very nice dinner at Shiraz two weeks ago. Well worth a visits if one enjoys Mediterranean type food (Greek/Turkish et al).
              Very simular to them. Difference we both observed was that here food was more delecate. Example: The Baklava was not dripping in honey. Let you taste all the other ingedeanse.
              Everyone was very friendly and helpful; ask a question and you got an informative answer. Ask what and how to use the dried berries.
              Not sure what PBB heard, but background music was fine.

            2. A follow gym rat told me this weekend he when here last week with another couple.
              3 out of 4 loved the place, while the fouth liked it and enjoyed it.
              The only problem my friend had was that, to his taste, the food did not have the zip that he likes. Was not bland, just did not have that zip.
              However as a person who has been to many places here and around the world, he knows what he will do when he returns (as he already plans to). He will ask the kitchen to kick it up a bit.

              He is well aware that many places dumb down their menu and/or receipes to fit the average/typical customer. So one may have talk to the waiter while ordering to either get an idea of what an item is (like) or ask for something different when ordering.

              And if you do not believe me and him, the New York Times had a whole story about it awhile ago.

              1. Went last night with my husband and bottle of wine(love the BYOB). Of course, on a Sunday eve, the restaurant was empty. soon after we began our apps., a fellow chowhounder he heard us speaking of chowhound), came and sat behind us. We really enjoyed our meal.
                We started with an eggplant and tomato , fried onion app and thick yogurt app. It came with a flat crunchy Nan type bread. The eggplant was amazing- perfect blend of flavors, smoky but mellowed by the tomato and the fried onion mixed in added the perfect flavor to this combo. Yogurt was bland for me- just tasted like thickened Greek yogurt.
                My husband had the Cornish hen kabob, recommended by the very personable owner, wearing a comfy but professional outfit to set the family/professional tone to the place. Hubby loved his dish. It came with a garnish of persian pickles, peppers, etc. and a saffron rice- not much different from Basmati. Persian spices were subtle but nice and the hen was cooked to perfection. Moist with nicely criped crust.
                I had the Bronzino- Owner also recommended and explained that it is made without oil or any fat- just simple and delicious. I was apprehensive and thought how could it taste without a drizzle of oil or other fat. It was delicious and again, perfectly prepared. Crispy skin and succulent meat. A nice sized fish and I actually had to take half home since I had overeaten that eggplant spread! Fish came with a great Tabuli salad. I usually do not like tabuli but this one was fresh and mild. We did have the baklava dessert after the owner explained that Persian baklava is not saturated in honey as it is in Greek recipes. Delicious! 3 small pieces of pistachio, walnut and then an almond/pistachio combo piece. My husband had saffron tea to end the meal which he thought was interestingly good. Bill came to 54.00 for the two of us which is what we spend at a diner and we cannot BYOB at a diner. Will definitely be back and look forward to having my leftovers for lunch! Give it a try- let's keep it open and show that this space can have success.

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                  Sounds yummy, and a much needed addition to the options that are nearby to the Greenburgh movie theater! We'll be sure to try it soon.

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                    I'll add another positive review for Shiraz. My wife and I were there Sunday night...with the only other table occupied by fellow chowhounders. We weren't too hungry...but we both enjoyed the mixed grill for two entree. Nicely seasoned beef, chicken and steak with delicious safron rice. Large portion, we also took some home. Don't know the history of the location, but the restaurant is tastefully designed, the staff is welcoming and professional, and our food was first rate. With all the posts about Overpriced Westchester (which, sadly, are mostly correct I think) Shiraz clearly fits into a much better category: Gently Priced Westchester.

                  2. my familiy and I went there last night. I've been craving persian food since I left the Bay Area 20 years ago (though I do a reasonable job making some of my favorites at home). We got there around 7:30 on a Saturday night; the place was only about half full (though there was a large party of 12 or so in a little side area)-- but the place filled up to about 3/4 full while we were there. We shared three appetizers- the roasted egglant and tomato (wonderful), dolmas (very good) and the masto mousir, which is the thing I've most craved and not reproduced at home-- yogurt with an apparently iranian sort of garlic or shallot-- terrific. For mains I had the fesujan (a meat stew)-- it was just ok for me-- my husband had the gorme sabzi (no idea of spelling) which is an herb-heavy stew, which he liked and my vegetarian daughter had the veggie kebab and my son had the chicken kebab. Both good. Servings are very generous so we took a lot of the mains home. If you bring a bottle of wine, you might want to bring a corkscrew- they seemed a bit flustered over that, though found one for us.

                    1. Great reviews, guys, I'm going to have to check this place out!

                      1. I hosted a Persian New Year (NowRuz) Brunch here today for 20.

                        I grew up in Tehran, and Scarsdale, and know the Westchester dinning landscape for the last 25yrs, as well as having been to over 100 Persian restaurants in the USA from Beverly Hills, to DC, TX, Chicago, Manhattan, etc. I eat weekly at Persepolis, Ravagh, Pars, Colbeh in NYC, and would say Shiraz is as good if not better for almost half the price.

                        The food, service, price, attention to detail were all excellent. We brought 2 bottles of Shiraz, 2 Champage, and 6pk of Heineken. Ice buckets were provided, and wine glasses/beer pilsners by the dozen, no problem.

                        Shiraz is a rock-solid Persian restaurant with a clean dinning room, warm hospitality, and authentic cuisine from multiple regions of Iran.

                        -The bread is real Lavash...not pita
                        -The Stews are very well done
                        -The Kebabs are perfect
                        -4 Choices of Rice are amazing, with Barberry- Zereshk the best
                        -The appetizers are excellent and a bargain at $5
                        -Salads are fresh
                        -Tea is classic and ice-cream /dessert are great

                        My tip is to get a mix of kebabs / rices and stews & mix match with guests. The Kebabs have like 9 pieces of meat each and the stew is a medium size bowl that can easilty be split. Same with appetizers; there are variety of 2-3 eggplant, yogurt, hummus, that can be tried or they might do a sampler (not on menu, ask).

                        For folks who have not tried Persian .....it is indeed like Lebanese, Turkish, Afghan, Arab, Greek, Indian....however, its more sophisticated in texture / flavor with use of fired leaner meats and exotic fruits like Pommegranate, Plums, Sun Dried Limes, Dill, Saffron, Apricots, Berries, etc.....as opposed to heavy/greasy, harsher/coarser seasoning of other mid-east cuisines.

                        One side note, they are very professional. They cater for the United Nations and Diplomatic Missions with 1000+ guests at a time. Persian weddings are min. 500 guests so they can handle big parties as well.

                        Enjoy and Feast Like Persian Kings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          Glad to hear a probable expert say such nice things. We originally read about
                          Shiraz here and have now eaten there 3 times, twice with others, so that we have had a chance to try quite a few dishes. One of the steak kebabs struck us as fairly tasteless, but everything else we've tried has been great. And the staff are very pleasant (although a couple seem to have limitted skill in English.) It is now one of our favorite restaurants.

                        2. Can someone get a menu and get it up on the web!?

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                            They are rather nice there. When I was there awhile ago (see one of the first postings), I asked them for a copy. I have it somewhere just not at hand at moment.
                            Just drop by and ask for one. Or better yet, drop by for a meal.
                            Just what kind of info are you looking for that has not been posted here?

                            1. re: Jon1856

                              How about a phone number? Thinking of going Saturday, but want to be able to check on table availability.

                              1. re: Reposado

                                If you Google Shiraz Restaurant Elmsford, I imagine you'll find the phone #, map, etc.

                                  1. re: Nancy C

                                    Very nice article and indeed. I visited the restaurant last month, and I was very pleased with the décor and the service. The owner has a very good taste. I also found out from friends that the owner has hired one of the famous chefs from Tehran and flown him to New York to take care of this restaurant for him. I am sure that is the reason their Kabobs are one of kind, I have been to many Persian restaurants in and around New York, and never had such a delicious Kabobs. My hats off to the owner and his imported Persian chef.

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                                      I was there tonight and loved it. Standouts: yogurt and eggplant dips with the amazing hot fresh bread, kebabs (especially good with sumac sprinkled on them), perfect rice with sour cherries, saffron ice cream.

                                      It was pretty empty up front but bustling in the back with a birthday party. The very nice man running the place (the owner?) said that business is going well, which was good to hear. I hadn't realized that it's halal so they will never have a liquor license, but they're happy to provide glasses and a corkscrew if you byob.

                                      The grocery store was closed by the time we got there but I'm eager to go back and explore. Can anyone comment on how it compares to Yaranush? Thanks.

                                      1. re: spa

                                        Does anyone know the hours for Shiraz ? I'm looking to go tonight and I don't know if they're open. Please let me know ASAP

                                        I can't even find the hours online.

                                        1. re: Plat Chaudetfroid

                                          No idea - perhaps a phone call might do the trick?

                                        2. re: spa

                                          From link posted above
                                          "Mediterranean Market
                                          Don’t miss stopping in at Shiraz Mediterranean Market before dining to see the dizzying display of nuts, dried fruits and Middle Eastern candies in beautiful array. Olive oils, fresh yogurts and string cheeses, meats, colorful bags of lentils, rices, and beans, a comprehensive assortment of dried herbs, a wide range of fruit syrups, and many other compelling products grace the shelves of this friendly market."
                                          Different feel and look than Yaranush.

                                          1. re: Jon1856

                                            It does seem to have a different feel and look--but there's a lot of overlap in the merchandise, I'd say. I was wondering if anyone had found any specific treasure there that can't be gotten at Yaranush.

                                            Plat Chaudetfroid: The hours are posted on the door but I'm afraid I didn't notice if they're closed on Mondays.

                                            1. re: spa

                                              If Shiraz Mediterranean Market is indeed a "friendly market" as indicated above then--IMHO--it already has a "treasure" that can't be gotten at Yaranush! I shopped there every week for many years until I moved from Scarsdale. The service (from the owner no less) was far from friendly but it was close and provided me with the middle eastern foods (spinach pie, zatar bread) that I love. So I wish the owners of Shiraz all the best in introducing some competition in this area.

                                              1. re: spa

                                                Yes, they're closed on Mondays, I called them to ask about that a couple of weeks ago.

                              2. Shiraz got a very nice write up in the NYTimes Westchester section today:


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                                  Well there goes my GF's and I private dinning ;>D
                                  IMVHO write up is just about spot on-do not agree about salt (well I just do not use it)-do agree about other spice. Which during first visit there we asked about.

                                  1. re: DGresh

                                    We enjoyed dinner there last night. Our favorite was the yogurt with Persian shallots--reminded me of a fabulous old fashioned onion dip. We also enjoyed the eggplant with fried onions as an appetizer. For mains we had the cornish hen kebab (of which we took half home, after filling up on the dips and great homemade nan), and the fesenjan, which was interesting, but I would not order it again. I loved the long grain chewy rice accompanying the entrees. I personally love byobs, and we brought along a good bottle of wine. Dinner without tip was under $50! I hope the Times review brings more business in though, because it was quite slow last night.

                                    1. re: Marge

                                      I *love* that yogurt with shallots too; that was always something I've loved at Persian restaurants but have been unable to replicate at home; the shallots must be something special. Have to agree with you Marge about the fesenjan, which is what I ordered; a little too "interesting" for me. I visited the shop next door last week and bought a couple things that I didn't necessarily need since the shop seemed *so* empty. I hope they stick around; it's nice to know I can get dried barberries there (the times article mistakenly said "bayberries") whenever I want (I usually order online and freeze them).

                                  2. Has anyone found their menu online? Also, do they have a lunch menu?

                                    Amusing story. A co-worker's wife is Persian/Iranian so they ate there with another coupon whose wife is also Persian. I asked how she liked it. He said she did not think it was very good and then she told him to tell me "it was garbage". Fortunately, I do not trust this woman's opinion on food, based on previously experiences and this view, which seems to be contrary to everything posted here.

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                                    1. re: MisterBill2

                                      IIRC from my last dinner there yes there is a lunch menu but no I have yet to see anything on-line. Or at least the last time I looked which was well over a month or so ago.

                                      And MB2-Thank you for you honesty. I too have people I directly/personally know that I do not see eye to eye to on matters of personal taste in all areas. Many times, we think the very opposite.

                                      1. re: Jon1856

                                        Stopped by today to check out the place when we were in the area. They are open for lunch but they do NOT have a separate lunch menu. It's the same menu for lunch and for dinner (and while it's reasonably priced for dinner, I would consider it to be less so for lunch).

                                        I didn't have a chance to check out the market. I do have the menu and can scan it when I get a chance.

                                    2. My wife and I enjoyed the dinner quite a bit. Service was very friendly.

                                      My only wish: the meats weren't so mildly spiced. I guess I'm spoiled because I enjoy Turkish Meze so much.

                                      1. Went to Shiraz for the first time. Mixed experience. Decor is neat but not uniquely middle-Eastern, service so-so (they forgot to prepare and serve a friend's ordered beef stew (which he said was tasty when he finally got it.) Stuffed grape leaves excellent as was house soup. My lamb shanks was tasteless, but the ordered kabobs were tasty. *(Overheard someone at nearby table also complaining about lamb shanks.) Next door grocery looks like an excellent source of middle-Eastern foods.

                                        1. My wife and I just got back from Shiraz. I agree their food is excellent. I was not impressed, however, with the service or seating arrangements. It was pretty busy for a Sunday, and instead of spreading people out, they just kept piling everyone on top of each other! Their are also too many tables and the the (slow) wait staff have trouble getting in between them. I almost got clocked when a bus turned around after clearing a table. After dinner we went around back to find their was a whole other room not being used! why not?!.

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                                            I tired to get there on Saturday nite with my Mom and GF. Thinking that 6:45 PM on a Saturday nite for a party of three would be no problem, I did not call ahead (No all too many places take res. for small parties in my exper.) Boy was I surprised! lace was fully committed! Front room and back room! The owner saw me, I guress remembering me from last visit, and came over. He asked me if I had called and I said no and asked him what was happening. He told me that for the last month or so, every weekend has been like this and he was so sorry that he could not sit my party. I told him that while sorry I could not stay I was happy he was doing well.

                                            I was there look enough to observe both staff and guests. Everyone seemed to be well served in timely mannor and staff seemed to be working hard to get to everyone.

                                            I should add that we went next door to the shop and there was another party of three who also had not given any thought to call! And they too seemed rather amused rather than upset.

                                            Next time-I plan on call ahead.

                                            1. Kit and Koobideh
                                              Elmsford’s Shiraz outshines its modest surroundings with flavors of the Middle East.
                                              There are restaurants you go to for the ambience and great food, and others for their convenience and reasonable prices. Then there are the restaurants that serve a dish or two that pop into your mind when you’re at your desk or driving your car—and you think to yourself how much you’d like to go back again................

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                                              1. re: Jon1856

                                                Finally got there last night, and was not dissapointed (other than the back room they seated us in could be made prettier - all glassed/black mullioned walls not enjoyable. Staff lovely and welcoming. Stuck with kebabs (chicken and ground beef), but intend to try one of the intriging stews next time. Both kebabs were very yummy, with a good grilled tomato/onion/pepper on the side. I got the cherry rice - good but a bit sweet for my taste. Really liked the berry rice (what ARE those berries?) with the sharpt flavor contrast. Had hummus and smoked eggplant apps with fresh bread. Saffon ice cream for dessert was intriguing - couldn't figure out if it had a bit of rice in it, but it did have some small ice crystals so I wonder if it's actually ice milk? Looking forward to returning and making a visit to the store next door (was closed by the time we finished dinner. Thanks Shiraz. All that for about $55, and we took home enough for lunch/dinner today.

                                                1. re: Nancy C

                                                  Those berries are zereshk, or barberries. They come dried and freeze beautifully. The have a terrific flavor.

                                                    1. re: Nancy C

                                                      berries sold at their shop next door- they should stay open on busy nights till after dinner .back room needs better ventilation , given the grill so close- but the food makes you forget about any flaws in the room! Best BYOB I can find in westchester

                                                      1. re: yeshana

                                                        I agree about that back room needing better ventilation - or just someone thinking about it. I think they saw me fanning myself with a fan I keep in my handbag, and the AC and overhead fan were turned on. Until then, it was a relief when the back door to the parking lot opened.

                                                  1. the place is wildly overated but for westchester thats not unusual.

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                                                    1. re: ronhall51

                                                      That may be ronhall but can you be more specific? What is your "overrated" comment based on.

                                                      1. re: laylag

                                                        eating there!!! I personally think it was very average.Service was fair decor was awful food was adequate and just that adequate.Personally the meze place in mamaroneck is far superior and turkish kitchen in white plains is on a par with it.I must reiterate one of the least appealing interiors to eat in!!

                                                        1. re: ronhall51

                                                          hmmmmmm, first really bad post on this. Downturn, or just one negative opinion?

                                                          1. re: yeshana

                                                            funny thing is i understand your post.All my friends love this place.I for the life of me cant see why.I tried it again to be fair and i think it was even worse then the first time.We really dumb it down when it comes to westchester .Would you travel to nyc to eat there??

                                                            1. re: ronhall51

                                                              Disagree, ron. The place is good, it has unique and delicately-spiced and herbed dishes, most apparently traditional and authentic. That's what we want in a restaurant, isn't it? Or do you favor Outback or Houlihan's?

                                                              P.S. That back room is awful, we turned it down and waited for the front. A totally different dining experience. When reserving, insist on the front room. The place is frequented by lotsof Iranian people, which says something about how authentic it is.

                                                              1. re: ronhall51

                                                                I went to Shiraz for the first time tonight and I must say I agree with you, Ron. The food was bland and boring (some might say delicately spiced but to me, boring-- and no, I don't favor Outback or Houlihans), and as Ron said, Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck is far superior. The only plus I can see is that it is a BYOB and value priced, but IMO, not worth any sort of trip from anywhere.

                                                                1. re: Shawn

                                                                  If you don't like Shiraz, you don't have to go, of course, but it is not serving the same cuisine as Turkish Meze. They're related, but they ARE different.

                                                                  1. re: Westjanie

                                                                    I understand that they are different. But they are close enough that one can compare and certainly have a preference. Our kebabs at Shiraz were totally dry and flavorless. The service was friendly enough, but harried and not very competent. When we made a reservation we were told that it would be "no problem" sitting in the front room, but when we arrived there was a party being set up in the front room and we ended up in the back. Maybe it was an "off" night, but I don't understand the appeal.

                                                                    1. re: Shawn

                                                                      Was there this weekend, first time. When made rez, asked to sit in front room, gal said no problem. Got there 10 minutes early, maitre d'/manager was a tool. First couldn't find my rez, then said we were 3, even though four of us standing there! Then told me no room in front room, even though it was still 2/3 empty. Then sat us at bad table, asked to change, again he says "no room, they are all reserved." What a pain. If we weren't with other couple, I'd have walked out.

                                                                      Food was good, except the falafel salad came with the mains, and falafel was cold, which ruined it for me.
                                                                      And the Fillet Mignon (sic) was the worst of the kebabs. Stick with chicken and the ground beef one. Rest of the stuff was pretty good, and can't beat BYOB.

                                                                      Shiraz Restaurant
                                                                      81 E Main St, Elmsford, NY 10523

                                                                      1. re: bdr

                                                                        opened kiosk in food court in The Westchester Mall. All reviews(verbal) have been excellent, including my Persian friends from Great Neck!!!!!

                                                                        1. re: yeshana

                                                                          Was there on Friday night for first time. SPLENDID is all that I can say. Had the ground walnuis & pomegranite with lamb meatballs...super! Service was not super smooth but all were friendly and were trying at least. Its a family run resto so I wouldn't compare it to a destination place. I would go here over any of the run o' the mill Italian places around...

                                                      2. We went there for the first time today for mothers day. We went there at around 3 and it was PACKED! Good thing we made reservations!

                                                        So i loved everything. The roasted mush eggplant dip, chicken dip, the nan, and all the kabobs!

                                                        All the meats were moist and flavorful. My mom got the filet kabob, and it was nice and tender. The lamb was the best. I got the falafel salad, and this was the only thing that wasn't like omg. I am used to round falafel balls and these were flat discs. The flavor was great but I missed the crunchy outside-mushy inside contrast. There was only like 1/4 inch of chickpea mushiness! Hummus was wonderful though! Dessert was great as well! The baklava sampler was pretty and different from the typical (I guess greek) baklava that i've had. Two of the three baklavas were made with crispy dried like noodles. It was weird but good. The other one was made with phyllo We also tried the frozen rice noodles... how interesting! It was like a really good snowcone with pieces of noodles? I know it doesnt sound appetizing but it was quite good!

                                                        The prices were reasonable and the portions were just right. It wasn't an overwhelming amount of food but 2 appetizers and 3 entrees were more than enough for 3 people. The place is really cute and the staff was very attentive even in the chaos of mothers day!

                                                        This would be a good place for a light lunch or a dinner. The menu is very accommodating for any kind of appetite!

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                                                          1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                                                            Been thinking about trying this place for some time and your post and review renews my interest. FYI - the crispy dried noodle on the dessert instead of phyllo was probably shredded wheat as that is commonly used in Middle Eastern desserts. There's one, don't know the name, that is a log of pistachio's in honey wrapped in the wheat that is to die for. Don't know if they have that there but if you ever see it - try it.

                                                            1. re: laylag

                                                              yes they had it! I liked it very much at the restaurant, so I went to the market next door and bought a package of 6 of them!

                                                          2. Thanks for all the reviews. I will hopefully try shiraz this weekend.

                                                            1. I didn't realize that Shiraz had an outpost at the Westchester mall-- I had a decent falafel (discs, not balls, and I really prefer the latter) there today and really good hummus on the side. This little treat definitely inspired me to get to the real place in Elmsford.... and I was so thrilled to be able to choose a local place over a chain.

                                                              On a different topic, there's also a great frozen yogurt place next to it... Baby Yogurt... generous with the toppings.

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                                                              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                                i eat, thanks, your post inspired me to return to Shiraz for dinner last night....we had a very enjoyable meal (and lunch for today!). We started with my favorite, the yogurt dip with Persian shallots, and the eggplant dip--actually, I found the eggplant dip a bit too tomato-ey, next time we"ll have double yogurt dip. For mains we had the lamb shanks, which were 2 meaty shanks in a flavorful sauce, accompanied by delicious rice with dill and fava beans, and the ground meat kebabs which I "upgraded" with cherry rice. We took home half and enjoyed a delicious lunch (and the little girl in my icon REALLY enjoyed the shank bone!). We pigged out a little and ordered two desserts--good rice pudding, and the saffron ice cream which I found weird and interesting, but in a good way! Oh, and of course, we brought our own good bottle of wine, love that...

                                                                1. re: Marge

                                                                  They were on restaurant.com last time I looked, in case anyone is interested.

                                                                  1. re: MisterBill2

                                                                    restaurant.com has some GREAT deals in Westchester!!

                                                                    1. re: menton1

                                                                      Agreed! Just have to make sure to read the "fine print", a lot of them (including Shiraz, which is so reasonable anyway) aren't valid on Fridays and Saturdays, when we tend to dine out...

                                                                      1. re: Marge

                                                                        Well, sure. These restaurants want to increase their weekday business. But dinner for 2 at the Cookery in Dobbs for $48 ain't bad!!

                                                                      2. re: menton1

                                                                        Yes, Cafe of Love is also on it.

                                                                        Cafe of Love
                                                                        38 E Main St, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

                                                                2. After wanting to try this restaurant for quite a long time, I finally did last night. The atmosphere was quite nice inside. We enjoyed the yogurt/shallot and smoked eggplant dips. For our meal we got the kebab sampler for two. The filet mignon was dry and didn't really seem of good quality, but we did really enjoy the chicken and ground meat kebab. The cherry rice was good, but not worth $4 to upgrade to, $1-$2 would be more reasonable. My main complaint was with the service. Once we got our food, the waitress did not come back to ask us how it was. She also never came back to ask if we needed drink refills. After awhile we noticed it seemed as though she was on a break, sitting in the back eating something, and a different waiter came by when we were done to clear our plates. Nobody checked on us during the meal, and I wanted a refill of water. Since there were only patrons dining at 3 other tables, they should've been more attentive. Overall I did enjoy my meal and I would possibly go back to try one of the non-kebab meals, but I am in no rush to do so.

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                                                                  1. re: Solstice444

                                                                    I also dined there recently and have to agree with you Solstice. The wait staff seemed indifferent and the food was just OK, in my opinion. The kebabs (sampler) were good, but the beef one seemed to be of low quality. I upgraded to the cherry rice, which for the extra cost, didn't seem much different than the default saffron rice that comes with the kebabs. The appetizers were the best part of the meal - we got two, the yogurt and the smoked eggplant and they were both delicious. I didn't think the atmospehre was that great, with the employee at the front desk carrying on a loud phone conversation with someone for a good ten minutes. We also stood in front upon arrival, right in front of the guy on the phone with not even a glance from him acknowledging our arrival. Overall, an OK place, but not as good as some of the other Persian restaurants I've dined at, especially service-wise.

                                                                    1. re: fragnet

                                                                      I went today with my foodie family for lunch today - Foodie Wife and Foodie son - quite a good experience. The starters were god (Yogurt Dip, Smoked Eggplant Humus and Dolma with their delicious Naan). We ordered the food to be served in Family style, which it was - attractive presentation of various Kebabs with spring greens and roasted onions and tomatoes. They even served a Ground Chicken kebab in lieu of the Beef kebabs although it was not on the menu. The lady who walked us through the menu was very helpful - the wait staff were adequate in their activities - we do not need a stand up comedian to entertain us - go to Westchester Broadway if that is what you are looking for.
                                                                      Cheers !!

                                                                      1. re: rocklandfoodie

                                                                        I certainly don't need a stand up comedian to entertain me, but there's a difference between staff being quiet and polite and attentive, and being quiet and polite but inattentive to their customers. I only was there once so it could've been an off night. But I think it is not too much to ask for the waitstaff to pay more attention.

                                                                        1. re: Solstice444

                                                                          I noticed that it helps if you are Iranian, you are treated much better by the staff...

                                                                          1. re: menton1

                                                                            I also observed that about this place. Certain "regulars" were doted on, while others were almsot ignored. And... after eating at a few more Persian restaurants in Manhattan since my dinner at Shiraz, I realize that it may be way overrated as far as food quality is concerned.

                                                                        2. re: rocklandfoodie

                                                                          I don't usually revive old threads but... Last night, Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout" featured Shiraz. It seems that they were about to go out of business due to their indifferent waiters and slow service. The owner's son was the manager and he admitted that he did not like working there but was forced to participate in the family business. The owner was portrayed as being unable to discipline any of his staff and it was costing him his business. I have no idea how much of these shows are reality, but the dining experiences that were shown reminded me of my own, over two years ago. It was sad to see that it hadn't changed much.

                                                                          1. re: fragnet

                                                                            I tuned in only half way through the show. Before I found out what restaurant it was, I was telling myself that the restaurant totally reminded me of Shiraz. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess? I never ever believe these shows, and usually entertain myself by pointing out all the flaws in the "reality" aspect. Have I (and I thought almost everyone else) been wrong about how genuine these sort of shows are?

                                                                            1. re: liza219

                                                                              Wow, that sounds like the place we went to 2 years ago... disinterested front of house and wait staff. I guess the only exception might have been the kitchen folks (some of the food was pretty nice...) who knew and/or cared something about what they were doing.

                                                                              1. re: Nancy C

                                                                                Ok food, poor experience- I wish the owner well. He should hire proper front and wait staff. Much better experience at Azerbaijan Grill in Westbury, Long Island. Good nosh, pleasant staff.

                                                                    2. westchester magazine has this on their deal of the day I think it runs through the weekend. I've been on the fence about trying this restaurant but with the discount offer I think I'll try it

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                                                                      1. re: armonkfoodie

                                                                        Thanks for the tip (although the deal is not valid on Friday or Saturday). If you try it, please report back, we haven't been there in awhile. Thanks!

                                                                      2. Passed this place on the way to Tarrytown, Haven't been there in 3-4 years, had a so so experience there last time. Any new reports, it still looked open when I passed by. Have they improved any, or is it still a hit-or-miss experience?

                                                                        1. They're on Doubletakedeals (like Groupon), $30 for $15 if you want to try them. Just 4 left.


                                                                          1. Good deal, but I wasn't looking for a deal-- I was looking for an up to date review of the place...

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                                                                            1. re: lemarais

                                                                              Yeah, well perhaps someone who saw my post went there and could have replied to your request for a current review.

                                                                            2. Looks like this place is off the Westchester Chowhound radar...