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Dec 28, 2008 01:34 PM

The Steeping Room, Reservations

Now, this commentary has nothing at all to do with the food or drink but rather to let everyone know that one can make a reservation for a table for lunck
h or dinner, or I suppose any time of day. You wouldn't think a place like this would have reservations but they do. But, now this is what happens. On Friday we went to the Domain with the intent of having lunch at the SR and then doing some shopping. When we got there there was a line and the hostess took our phone number and said she could call us when a table was ready, in about 30 minutes. However convenient that made things, I noticed several tables had reservation signs on them. When we returned for lunch I asked and was told that indeed, one can make reservations. Although 30 minutes had elapsed we, and about 4 other parties all were standing around waiting to be seated while those stupid tables with reservation signs on them were empty. Now I have done and stll doa great deal of retail work. My policy is that the customer standing in front of me gets priority. When the phone rings and I am helping someone, it is the person on the phone who waits while the customer there in the store with the money gets taken care of . I apply the same sort of logic to this situation. There were peope there waiting for a table, money in hand, that could not be seated because someone else had promised to come there. If I were an owner, I would prefer the bird in the hand, so to speak. I think it is a poor policy they have and one that is disrespectufl to the walk in customer. After all, it is not a Jeffrey's or high class restuarant where reservations are the norm but just a little tea room at the mall. Whaddya' think?

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  1. Think of the alternate post someone could make. "They didn't honor my reservation and we had to wait 30 minutes for a table!!!"
    You don't know what time those reservations were for and the party could be arriving shortly.

    1. I predict it won't be long until they stop taking reservations. It's a conundrum. Most restaurants seem to have gone the way of the waiting list - no reservations (Vespaio). Although some places, like Wink last time I checked, do still take them. I don't know what the critieria is for the decision but each restuarant must decide whom to offend - the people who want to just walk in and wait or the ones who want to schedule their meal in advance and not have to wait. BTW, last time I was at SR I had an amazing coconut cupcake.