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Dec 28, 2008 01:11 PM

New Year's Day Near DFW Airport

Looking for a good meal on the evening of New Year's Day near DFW airport. Any price range -- any type of food other than oriental. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm going to refer you to the following post which hits on about every food type with the exception of steak. For steak, there is Kirby's (SH 114, south side just past Grapevine), Silver Fox (William D. Tate, Grapevine) and J.R.s (SH 121, west side, Colleyville). All 3 are upscale with steaks in the 40-50$ price range. Of the 3, Silver Fox is my least favorite. A bit more expensive is Bob's steak and Chop house, but I've never been there - yet, anyway. There is also Saltgrass Steakhouse (114/121/Main in Grapevine) which is a little more moderately priced. You could probably google all of these to pull up their menu.

      For other choices............

      I don't know why any of these would be closed on New Year's Day, but you may want to call to verify.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. It's amazing how many restaurants in Dallas are closed on New Years Day. We finally gave up on the DFW area and found out that Charlie Palmer's is open, so we're just going to drive into town to eat there.

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          i'm a big fan of charlie palmer's... however, i do want to point out the underappreciated but very good Grand Met restaurant at the DFW Grand Hyatt. i just had lunch there recently and they're doing very good, very interesting things. menu is upscale american with a few asian and indian touches - good ingredients, interesting preparations. they also cover your parking. well worth checking out