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Dec 28, 2008 12:58 PM

Place for the kidz

My friend and her family are coming into nyc from Beantown..... the kids ages range from 14, 12 , 9

One night they will go to Chinatown...which is great....but they need another place....
for the other nite. Any suggestion on a kid friendly place they perhaps serves fondue?

any other suggestions appeciate that you know would appeal to kids...

also was
was thinking Lombardi's for Pizza

thanks for your help

When i was a kid visiting nyc we use to go to BBQ and it was fun.....

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Thanks, I reviewed that already. I should be more clear. They are well behaved children, looking for fun culiarnary experiences.

      The will most likely go to Artisanal....for fondue unless i can find a better option.

      Or perhaps Korean Town so they can cook their own food.

      Thanks though.

      1. re: namreb

        Another good option for fondue is La Bonne Soupe.

    2. I'd encourage you to consider somewhere other than Lombardi's. It just isn't very good. You can get excellent clam pizza at Arturo's, as well as more usual kinds, if you want to stay in that part of town, or you could go up to Spanish Harlem and go to Patsy's, which has thinner crust. Both of those places have as much old New York character as Lombardi's, but with much better pizza.

      1. Max Brenner Chocolate By the Bald Man is a great kid spot. Tons of fun creative dishes, including a chocolate fondue. I wish this place was around when I was a kid! They have a location in the East Village and one in Union Square.