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Dec 28, 2008 12:27 PM

Staying at Lancaster Arts Hotel on V Day

Any nearby restaurant recommendations?
Last time we were in Lancaster, there seemed to be dearth of decent restaurants. Maybe we just didn't have the inside scoop.

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  1. There are a lot of little advertised restaurants in Lancaster City, but great independent places. Here is a list you may want to check out. .....
    -Checker's Bistro on Mulberry St.
    --Carr's and the Pressroom on King
    --Iron Hill Brewery (near F and M) and Lanc. Brewing Company.

    1. The Lancaster Arts Hotel has a stellar restaurant on site. Unique and innovative cuisine. To the right of the hotel is a repurposed factory building that has some shops and restaurants. I have heard good things about "Fenz" and that their wine list is good, but I haven't been there myself. Also with in walking distance is The brickyard. This would be good for lunch. They have a good beer list and serve solid pub food. If the weather is OK, I would recomend a walk to Central market for breakfast and shopping/strolling. Have a great time!!

      1. Enjoy your stay at the Lancaster Arts Hotel, it's great.
        Some restaurants not listed that are great too:
        Molly's Pub - East Chestnut
        Belvedere- North Queen
        Effie Ophelpia - Prince
        Annie Bailey's Pub & Restaurant - W King - Pub brought over from Ireland
        Great Sushi just south of Lancaster city at Wasabi in Willow Street, Kendig Square shopping plaza, it's an odd place to find the best Sushi in Lanc. County!
        Have a great time in Lancaster!

        1. We ended up going to Mazzi and the food was excellent.