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Dec 28, 2008 12:14 PM

New Year's Eve dinner on the Main Line

So, where are people eating for New Year's? Our goal is always to avoid the late, drunken crowds, and to eat someplace where they have their _usual_ menu available (rather than a special holiday prix-fixe).

We're in Malvern, and I was kind of jonesing for Mayuree Cafe in Devon, but sadly they will be closed on New Year's Eve. I'm trying to come up some other place, equally quirky and delicious, and not likely to be the scene of drunken madness. Any thoughts?

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  1. We're eating at Sola Restaurant in Bryn Mawr on New Year's Eve. When I made the reservation, I asked about the menu and they told me they were doing their regular menu along with some very nice specials. I don't think they're the type of restaurant that will raise their prices $5.00 just because it's NYE... I've noticed that some places on the main line will do that (Nectar for example). Sola is byob and usually has a bit of a calmer crowd with no "drunken madness" as you said... food is always excellent.

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      Thanks for the recommendation -- we've never eaten there, but now that I've glanced at their menu we'll give it a try after the holidays.

      What I was really hankering for is some Greek food, but I doubt we could get into Lourdas at this late date. And although we used to like The Mediterranean (in West Chester), the last few meals there have turned us off to the place.

    2. have you tried Cafe Fresko in Bryn Mawr?

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        I have -- but it seems to simply _lean_ Greek, if you know what I mean. You're not going to find a whole spate of traditional Greek dishes on their menu. One of the reasons we like to eat Greek is because neither my husband nor I eat red meat, and we both eat very little poultry. Greek food gives us a lot of opportunity for delicious vegetarian choices. I think we're going to have to curb our appetite for Greek until after the holiday...I've been meaning to try Estia for some time, and my mouth is now watering just thinking about it!

      2. I'd be heading straight to Alba; they're not so quirky but they are delicious. It's late to snag a reservation there, though.

        What do you think of the Greek place in Bryn Mawr? Not Fresko, the one close to the R5 station (the name of which escapes me)...

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        1. re: Mawrter

          I know this is after the fact but do try "The Olive Tree" in Lionville on rt 113 if you are looking for good greek food.

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            Just booked New Years dinner at Alba! They are doing a four-course meal for $65 per person. The meal will start with a seafood antipasto. There is choice of entree, and for dessert you get either cheese or a sweet item. They are requiring credit card holds with 48-hour cancellation policy.
            I am definitely looking forward to the meal! I always find dinner there to be transcendent.