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Dec 28, 2008 11:52 AM

Good eats in Woodstock, Vt. area?

We are planning a trip to the area in mid-Jan. Anyone have any good recommendations? Nothing too fancy, but anything authentic.

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  1. I really like the food at the Woodstock Farmer's Market - its not a sit-down restaurant - but a great place to get take-out for the road - or a picnic to take on a hike....if you are in the mood for a beer - the long trail brewery is a great place for a beer - it is nearby in bridgewater corner....and we also like Tip-Top Cafe in White River Junction - about a half hour away....In Quechee we've eaten at the Farmer's Diner, which we liked better in concept - as they serve a lot of local foods - but the food was mediocre and the service a little rude; and at Firestone's, which is somewhat inconsistent - one meal was great, the next disappointing. We also really enjoyed the bakery at the King Arthur Flour store in Norwich. The had the best almond cookies and macaroons.

    1. My favorite is Simon Pierce in Quechee. The setting is gorgeous and the food is really good. The restaurant is attached to the Simon PIerce glass studio/store. All the dishes and glassware used in the restaurant are Simon Pierce made. The dining room looks out over a river and small waterfall. You might find this place "too fancy" but it really is lovely and worth it, not phony fancy, but really nice. If you want to keep expenses down, go for lunch, not dinner.

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        Though I haven't eaten there for a while, last I did Simon Pearce was superb.

        Prince and Pauper in Woodstock is fine, albeit unexceptional.

      2. I agree with the Simon Pierce suggestion. Another one is Bentley's right on Main St. in Woodstock. Great pub food, but I also adore their French Onion soup and their duck. Mid-Jan. they may still have their holiday decorations up: they hang hundreds of Christmas balls on gorgeous ribbons from the ceiling. They've done a nice job preserving some of the Victorian elements of the building.

        1. My brother who has a house in Barnard (near Woodstock) swears by the Barnard can eat in the bar if you are not up for dinner in the main dining room. Food is supposed to be fantastic. I can also vouch for the breakfasts at the Barnard general the back of the store they make amazing omlettes with sharp cheddar and fantastic toast from homemade bread. Atmosphere isn't much (it is the back of a store) but great breakfast.

          1. Try The Red Clover Inn in Mendon, VT - newly renovated small country inn, excellent food, close to Killington and Pico.