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Dec 28, 2008 11:22 AM

One Sunday near Mont-Sainte-Anne

My wife and I are leaving our two young kids to ski for a day at Mont-Sainte-Anne and to have an evening for ourselves! We don't know Quebec City at all and I'd appreciate advice on the best way to spend our 24 hours. (I've reviewed a bunch of chowhound posts on Quebec City's best restaurants, so I've got some background.)

Specifically, I'd love a recommendation for a romantic place to stay after skiing (hot tub, fireplace, etc) and a great place to have dinner. We're going Sunday, February 1, so Winter Festival will be happening. For food, we'd love something quality - but we can't break the bank. We're budgeting $150 total (CDN) for dinner. A great French place? Something near the mountain?

We're coming from Portland, Maine (where we have lots of great restaurants that we rarely get a chance to enjoy). For those familiar with Portland, we're looking for something on the order of 555 or Evangeline, not Hugo's.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. For a place to stay, I can recommend le Clos Saint-Louis, which is located inside the old city. We stayed there for our wedding anniversary a few years ago.
    We stayed in this room:

    No fireplace, but lovely and quiet. It's got a 'therapeutic bath'

    1. go to le graffiti on rue cartier the best quality price you will ever get the food is amazing
      not a tourist trap

      1. Bistango for dinner has a pretty nice atmosphere, you can check their website to see how it fits into your budget:
        Auberge Saint-Antoine is a pretty renown and absolutely beautiful hotel: If you would like something less expensive, I suggest the Alt Hotel (formerly the Germain) - it is a boutique hotel, the Bistango restaurant is attached to it.