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Dec 28, 2008 09:57 AM

Best pancakes,french toast, waffles in NJ?

Where can I find the best pancakes, french toast, waffles in NJ?? Preferably central Jersey if possible since that is closest to my house. I am willing to travel 40-45 minutes though. Places that I have heard do great griddle selections are Country Pancake House in Ridgewood (kinda far), Original Pancake House (I know a chain but they have a great apple pancake and dutch baby supposedly), Pj's Pancakes in Princeton, Brownstone Diner.

Loooking for some other spots and preferably closer to where I live.

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  1. The Country Pancake House in Ridgewood is the best. Yes, it can be far depending on your starting point. If you go on a weekend, get there early. There will be a wait. I live in Eatontown, however, would go for breakfast with family when they lived north.

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      ooh, good to know that Country Pancake House gets the thumbs-up from a fellow hound...i have family members who live nearby & want to try it.

      re: Original Pancake House, i haven't had it in years (no more gluten for me), but i used to make a pilgrimage there just for that apple pancake. it was insanely good.

    2. For pancakes, we like Mom's Griddle on Rt. 9 North in Manalapan.. also Parkview or whatever the diner is on Rt. 34 in Aberdeen. French Toast - There's a diner on Rt. 9 North in Freehold, the name escapes me but it's before Brock Farms.. thick, super soggy french toast (the way I like it). Waffles - great ones at Edison Diner on Rt. 1 South.. or I just make my own. :) We didn't like Original Pancake House for their regular pancakes. Occasionally we like Perkins, less frequently IHOP (syrup left on the tables kind of freaks me out).

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        The diner on 9 North near Brock Farms is the Empire.

      2. Was just at an Original Pancake House location in Vegas this summer and I can vouch for both the Dutch Baby and the huge apple pancake. I had no idea they had one in NJ.

        More recently I had a much smaller, but very good "Apple Pie Pancake" at Le Peep in Shrewsbury that really reminded me of OPH.

        1. We don't get there very often but have always been pleased with the pancakes, french toast and waffles at The Turning Point in Manalapan. Was there last week and the waffle was crisp and tasty.

          This thread has me motivated to get back there this week :)

          1. Here's a thread from 2007 that might help you. You will have to wade through a lot of off-topic posts but there's some good information here.