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Best pancakes,french toast, waffles in NJ?

Where can I find the best pancakes, french toast, waffles in NJ?? Preferably central Jersey if possible since that is closest to my house. I am willing to travel 40-45 minutes though. Places that I have heard do great griddle selections are Country Pancake House in Ridgewood (kinda far), Original Pancake House (I know a chain but they have a great apple pancake and dutch baby supposedly), Pj's Pancakes in Princeton, Brownstone Diner.

Loooking for some other spots and preferably closer to where I live.

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  1. The Country Pancake House in Ridgewood is the best. Yes, it can be far depending on your starting point. If you go on a weekend, get there early. There will be a wait. I live in Eatontown, however, would go for breakfast with family when they lived north.

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      ooh, good to know that Country Pancake House gets the thumbs-up from a fellow hound...i have family members who live nearby & want to try it.

      re: Original Pancake House, i haven't had it in years (no more gluten for me), but i used to make a pilgrimage there just for that apple pancake. it was insanely good.

    2. For pancakes, we like Mom's Griddle on Rt. 9 North in Manalapan.. also Parkview or whatever the diner is on Rt. 34 in Aberdeen. French Toast - There's a diner on Rt. 9 North in Freehold, the name escapes me but it's before Brock Farms.. thick, super soggy french toast (the way I like it). Waffles - great ones at Edison Diner on Rt. 1 South.. or I just make my own. :) We didn't like Original Pancake House for their regular pancakes. Occasionally we like Perkins, less frequently IHOP (syrup left on the tables kind of freaks me out).

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        The diner on 9 North near Brock Farms is the Empire.

      2. Was just at an Original Pancake House location in Vegas this summer and I can vouch for both the Dutch Baby and the huge apple pancake. I had no idea they had one in NJ.

        More recently I had a much smaller, but very good "Apple Pie Pancake" at Le Peep in Shrewsbury that really reminded me of OPH.

        1. We don't get there very often but have always been pleased with the pancakes, french toast and waffles at The Turning Point in Manalapan. Was there last week and the waffle was crisp and tasty.

          This thread has me motivated to get back there this week :)

          1. Here's a thread from 2007 that might help you. You will have to wade through a lot of off-topic posts but there's some good information here.


            1. Central Jersey pancakes - the very best blueberry pancakes can be had at Gronsky's Milk House on Rt 513 in High Bridge. Gronskey's is a tiny deli/IC shop with a lunchroom and the friendliest staff anywhere. Their pancakes are BIG - How BIG? I can easily eat a full stack of 5 IHOP pancakes. In the 10 years I've been going to Gronsky's once a week for breakfast. I have yet to finish one!!! Forget any other variety - they're just big and pretty good. But the blueberry pancake (they do cooked-in blueberries) are super abundant, not mushy and even off-season their frozen blueberries are the closest to fresh I've ever had. Just remember - order only one - more if you dare!

              1. If you are really looking for the absolute best French toast and pancakes in Central Jersey - look no more just go here ...

                In Between Restaurant
                56 English Plaza
                Red Bank NJ 07701

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                  my friend owns this restaurant! I made an account just because i saw it, i was looking for a good place to get pancakes and waffles with my girlfriend. It was ironic =]

                2. We are breakfast nuts, and have found Original Pancake House to be the best we've tried in Central NJ. Haven't tried Country Pancake House yet, but will soon!

                  PJ's Pancakes in Princeton is our local place, been there dozens of times, and concluded that are 100% mediocre..i would definitely take that off your list or you will be disappointed. The only reason they have a line out the door is it is strangely the ONLY place in Princeton you can get pancakes.

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                    i checked the Country Pancake House menu out of curiosity - it's *ridiculously* huge. reminds me of the former Royal Canadian Pancake House chain in New York, though i have no idea if the portions are as absurdly large as well.

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                      Where in central NJ is Original Pancake House?

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                        actually, all the Jersey locations are in North Jersey in Bergen & Essex counties - Fort Lee, West Caldwell & Whippany.

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                          Although I haven't been there in a long time, I have to vote for OPH and the apple pancake. As far as the largest pancake in NJ, that award would have to go to Harold's Deli where a single flapjack is the size of a garbage can lid.

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                            Harold's sounds a lot like Royal Canadian. in addition to the stacks of pancakes served on pizza pans, they also had Belgian waffles the size of reference books, and made their omelettes with 8 or 10 eggs - i would take home the leftovers & get another 3 or 4 meals out of it!

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                              A different concept (breakfast vs. deli) but similar schtick (size of portions). I'm sorry to say that I never got the chance to try RC before they closed some ten years back. Portions aside, you should give Harold's a try as the deli is quite decent.

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                                ahh, not for me - no gluten anymore :( but thanks for the rec - i'll keep it in mind for anyone who lives near one of the locations.

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                              I have been to Harold's for dinner many times and it is great. Their best thing on the menu oddly enough is the Beef Rib. It is HUGE! and amazing.... Here is a pic for you guys....http://flickr.com/photos/sirduke81/60...

                              I also found a picture of their pancakes....http://flickr.com/photos/firepile/261...

                              These look huge but goodhealthgourmet HOW DO THEY TASTE????

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                                don't ask me - i've never been there. bgut1 is the one who recommended Harold's Deli...

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                                  Not the best I've ever had but good none the less. My kids tend to really enjoy them.

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                                        LOL what? Are Harold's pancakes good?? or not

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                                          bgut1 already answered 2 posts up...

                                          "Not the best I've ever had but good none the less. My kids tend to really enjoy them."

                          2. The Edison Family Rest/Oak Tree Road...Very good breakfast "stuff"...Syrup is the ordinary sugar Karo type that has no maple anything...Closes at 3;00...

                            1. check out Chat & Nibble in Asbury Park for some fine pancakes. Haven't had the french toast, but other b-fast items there are quite good as well.

                              1. What about Mariners Cove in Brielle or Connie's in Farmingdale? I never had a bad breakfast at either place.

                                1. The Broadway Diner, in Bayonne, states on their signage that they have "the best pancakes in NJ" (or, is it "the best pancakes in the US", or "the best pancakes in the world"??). They are located at 1081 Broadway, very close to exit 14A of the Turnpike.

                                  Please note that I am not really recommending this place, but if the government's "Truth in Advertising" regulations are being enforced, you might want to see if their claim is true.

                                  1. We love the Turning Point in Manalapan aka known as the "Breakfast store" according to my 3 year old. There are a few other locations, I beleive in Little Silver and on the Water in Long Branch. It is basically a gourment diner. There breakfast is great. I had great pumpkin panckaes recently. I am surprised that I never read about this place on Chow. It is certainly Chow worthy.

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                                      Turning Point has great breakfast. It is not cheap but the food is really good so we do treat ourselves once in a while. However, for basic pancakes, we find the Americana Diner in Shrewsbury has the best in this area.

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                                        Love the Americana Diner... my favorite stop on our annual pilgrimage to Cape May.

                                    2. Service at the Ridgewood Country Pancake House has been pretty spotty over the past couple of years but it’s worth the visit if you haven’t been. I avoid the place lately because the crowds and small tables were always aggravating but at least the service was good. Without decent service, all they’ve got going for them is the awesome menu.

                                      Gripes aside... my favorite pancakes are the potato pancakes with ham and eggs. The regular pancakes are just too ridiculously large to enjoy. I used to have bets with my friends to see who could finish a whole serving. (Much to my surprise, a couple of my buddies could not only finish the pancakes but also pack down a couple of baskets of the complimentary cornbread with them.)

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                                      1. The Hungry Peddler
                                        515 Livingston Ave.
                                        New Brunswick, NJ

                                        This place is a total hole in the wall. I've driven by it a hundred times and didn't realize it was actually operating until I moved to New Brunswick. Most of the food is ok, but I LOVED their french toast. I can't vouch for their pancakes, but I personally think the french toast is awesome.

                                        1. Try the Brownstone Diner on 426 Jersey Ave in Jersey City. Was featured on diners, drive ins and dives on Food Network. I've eaten breakfast there including the pancakes, waffles, and french toast. All great with large portions of each. Check out their website at www.brownstonediner.com/

                                          1. another possibility for you is Mustache Bill's diner at 8th & Broadway Barnegat, NJ . Have seen some good reviews of this place also.