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Dec 28, 2008 07:48 AM

Barnacle BBQ in Mamaroneck?

Driving down Boston Post Road the other day, I noticed that the old Jolly Trolley location (formerly home to many other restaurants as well) is now Barnacle BBQ (or some similar name). Has anyone been yet?

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  1. I didn't think it was open yet. The last couple of times I have been by it, the place still appeared to be under construction.

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      It is open. Was reported on in White Plains paper just Friday.
      BBQ and fish.

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        Then I will definitely check it out. I live in the neighborhood and I'm getting tired of eating Asian all of the time!

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          Jon, Do you know if it's real deal bbq - ie, slowly smoked meats?

          1. re: laylag

            This is all I currently know about the place.
            The Barnacle BBQ and Fish Shack, at 181 E. Boston Post Rd. in Mamaroneck (777-6610), opened earlier this month at the Jolly Trolley location next to Brewer’s and offers a comforting selection of barbecue and fish-shack specialties. According to General Manager Barbara Kavanagh and partners Mike Fenwick and Colman McCarthy, the menu is reasonably priced and geared to the entire family. Open seven days for lunch and dinner. Full bar/lounge. Free parking.

      2. Don't plan on having the sausage any time soon. We were there tonight for dinner, and my son ordered the sausage which he had been told on a previous visit they were "out of ", so he was looking forward to trying it tonight. We were told first that they were out, but when we stated that they were "out" the last time, the waitress told us that they were "planning on making and smoking our own sausage, but I don't think they even got the machine yet" <to make the sausage>.

        Also, I was completely UN-impressed with the food. The pulled pork had absolutely NO flavor, until I put the spicy bbq sauce on it, and then it was tolerable. I ordered the sandwich instead of the meal, and it came on a tiny hamburger bun (think McDonald's cheeseburger size) instead of a larger sandwich bun or Kaiser roll. There was a grinder of salt on the table, a grinder of salt and pepper mixed together (much more salt than pepper), but no plain (unsalted) pepper anywhere to be found. The fried ice cream was a soggy mess (if it WAS fried, I'd be amazed), and we ordered the vanilla because the waitress said, "We DO have chocolate, but it doesn't turn out as well as the vanilla does". I'd really hate to see the chocolate in that case! The service was good, except when my son asked to have his food wrapped (at least half of his meal), only the chicken was wrapped, and not the sides. When I brought this to the waitress' attention (the bus boy wrapped it), she immediately took it to the kitchen and added the sides to the container. BUT, she just threw them in with the chicken instead of in the separate plastic containers that they already use to SERVE the sides, so they ran all over the place!!

        I'll probably go back because my kids like the place, but they're easy to please. If I want GOOD pulled pork, though, I'll go to Q in Port Chester, or to Sherwood's for ribs.

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          We went last nite. The bartender (Mike) is very friendly and accomodating. My dining partner wanted the sausages and was never told not available til he ordered. We both had ribs - I had the ones supposed "slathered in BBQ sauce", I'm still looking for the sauce. They were just ok. He had the dry rub ones and again just ok. The portion appeared small, but definitely was enough (we brought home the leftovers - why I don't know). Was not impressed w/sides - the veggie ones were very oily and just lots of peppers. He liked the baked beans and cole slaw - did not care for slaw. The creamy corn turned out to be corn bread made with creamed corn which was tasty. Would I rush back - I don't think so. The bar area is also very strangely laid out - both sides separated by a wall - you have to see to believe.

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          1. The negative reviews are disappointing. I was really looking forward to trying this place since it's in walking distance of home and I love barbecue. I suppose I ought to at least try it once and see if it's not just early-opening awkwardness that's causing the bad stuff.

            My husband doesn't eat red meat. What do they have in the way of chicken and fish?

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            1. the old Jolly Trolly had a great salad bar and I miss the was part of a chain.... so I was excited to try the new BBQ...however it was quite a disappointment.... they did a so so job changing the bar area and opening it up but it still had the front/back room split... the front room has a ugly view of the service area...why they built it like that already shows they dont know what they are doing... but onto the food.... come on.... seafood and BBQ... choose one and be good at it... dont add seafood to a BBQ joint because you are near the water... just does not go... mussels with pulled pork see what I mean... anyway the service was ok, nothing great for an empty place... long wait to get salad/soup nothing on the table to chips or bread.... the Ribs were actually pretty good...but it was all downhill from there....Onion soup salty like something out of a can...salad nothing special and overpriced.... side dishes were really does one ruin coleslaw? mac and cheeze no flavor...again how do you ruin that.... one roll came with was like something out of the supermarket... all in all a 3 out of a 10 sorry I wont be back....