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Barnacle BBQ in Mamaroneck?

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Driving down Boston Post Road the other day, I noticed that the old Jolly Trolley location (formerly home to many other restaurants as well) is now Barnacle BBQ (or some similar name). Has anyone been yet?

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  1. I didn't think it was open yet. The last couple of times I have been by it, the place still appeared to be under construction.

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      It is open. Was reported on in White Plains paper just Friday.
      BBQ and fish.

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        Then I will definitely check it out. I live in the neighborhood and I'm getting tired of eating Asian all of the time!

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          Jon, Do you know if it's real deal bbq - ie, slowly smoked meats?

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            This is all I currently know about the place.
            From http://wptimes.com/menu_movers_and_sh...
            The Barnacle BBQ and Fish Shack, at 181 E. Boston Post Rd. in Mamaroneck (777-6610), opened earlier this month at the Jolly Trolley location next to Brewer’s and offers a comforting selection of barbecue and fish-shack specialties. According to General Manager Barbara Kavanagh and partners Mike Fenwick and Colman McCarthy, the menu is reasonably priced and geared to the entire family. Open seven days for lunch and dinner. Full bar/lounge. Free parking.

      2. Don't plan on having the sausage any time soon. We were there tonight for dinner, and my son ordered the sausage which he had been told on a previous visit they were "out of ", so he was looking forward to trying it tonight. We were told first that they were out, but when we stated that they were "out" the last time, the waitress told us that they were "planning on making and smoking our own sausage, but I don't think they even got the machine yet" <to make the sausage>.

        Also, I was completely UN-impressed with the food. The pulled pork had absolutely NO flavor, until I put the spicy bbq sauce on it, and then it was tolerable. I ordered the sandwich instead of the meal, and it came on a tiny hamburger bun (think McDonald's cheeseburger size) instead of a larger sandwich bun or Kaiser roll. There was a grinder of salt on the table, a grinder of salt and pepper mixed together (much more salt than pepper), but no plain (unsalted) pepper anywhere to be found. The fried ice cream was a soggy mess (if it WAS fried, I'd be amazed), and we ordered the vanilla because the waitress said, "We DO have chocolate, but it doesn't turn out as well as the vanilla does". I'd really hate to see the chocolate in that case! The service was good, except when my son asked to have his food wrapped (at least half of his meal), only the chicken was wrapped, and not the sides. When I brought this to the waitress' attention (the bus boy wrapped it), she immediately took it to the kitchen and added the sides to the container. BUT, she just threw them in with the chicken instead of in the separate plastic containers that they already use to SERVE the sides, so they ran all over the place!!

        I'll probably go back because my kids like the place, but they're easy to please. If I want GOOD pulled pork, though, I'll go to Q in Port Chester, or to Sherwood's for ribs.

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          We went last nite. The bartender (Mike) is very friendly and accomodating. My dining partner wanted the sausages and was never told not available til he ordered. We both had ribs - I had the ones supposed "slathered in BBQ sauce", I'm still looking for the sauce. They were just ok. He had the dry rub ones and again just ok. The portion appeared small, but definitely was enough (we brought home the leftovers - why I don't know). Was not impressed w/sides - the veggie ones were very oily and just lots of peppers. He liked the baked beans and cole slaw - did not care for slaw. The creamy corn turned out to be corn bread made with creamed corn which was tasty. Would I rush back - I don't think so. The bar area is also very strangely laid out - both sides separated by a wall - you have to see to believe.

        2. The negative reviews are disappointing. I was really looking forward to trying this place since it's in walking distance of home and I love barbecue. I suppose I ought to at least try it once and see if it's not just early-opening awkwardness that's causing the bad stuff.

          My husband doesn't eat red meat. What do they have in the way of chicken and fish?

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          1. the old Jolly Trolly had a great salad bar and I miss the place...it was part of a chain.... so I was excited to try the new BBQ...however it was quite a disappointment.... they did a so so job changing the bar area and opening it up but it still had the front/back room split... the front room has a ugly view of the service area...why they built it like that already shows they dont know what they are doing... but onto the food.... come on.... seafood and BBQ... choose one and be good at it... dont add seafood to a BBQ joint because you are near the water... just does not go... mussels with pulled pork see what I mean... anyway the service was ok, nothing great for an empty place... long wait to get salad/soup nothing on the table to munch....like chips or bread.... the Ribs were actually pretty good...but it was all downhill from there....Onion soup salty like something out of a can...salad nothing special and overpriced.... side dishes were really bad...how does one ruin coleslaw? mac and cheeze no flavor...again how do you ruin that.... one roll came with bbq...it was like something out of the supermarket... all in all a 3 out of a 10 sorry I wont be back....

            1. I was really looking forward to having this place within walking distance given the promise of true Bar B Q in Mamaroneck. I'm all for new restaurants succeeding in Westchester, especially those that attempt to introduce something unique (and not deliver another freakin asian fusion menu).

              Having said that, I would strongly DISCOURAGE anyone from wasting their time or money eating at this restaurant.

              My girlfriend and I went for dinner shortly after this place opened. There were quite a few people in the front of the restaurant, but we -- being a younger couple -- we courted to the rear section of the restaurant and seated near the window. It was freezing, which was quite apparent to the waitress when she saw us sitting there with our jackets still on a few minutes later (yes, this is how I ate my entire meal). This is when she tells us there is no heat in the rear of the restaurant, but never offers to move our seat.

              Whatever, at this point I didn't really care. I was hungry and willing to look past the lack of heat, since they claimed to be working on installing a new heating system in the near term.

              When it was time to order, I ordered the pork rolls and brisket with a side of Mac & Cheese and another side not as memorable. Of course, they were out of the pork rolls, but no one told me this till I ordered. I substituted it for a few pieces of seared tuna, which were average and the highlight of the meal. From there, it was just down right disgusting.

              The brisket I ordered arrived as a plate of fat floating in grease. I had specifically asked if it was lean brisket or fatty brisket and told it was lean brisket. It was a plate of freakin fat. It may have been 8 oz in total, 7 of which were lard. I was so turned off by every facet of the dish that I kindly told the waitress I couldn't eat it. Saying it was my mistake for ordering it, I asked for a side of pulled pork instead which I was happy to pay for.

              They didn't charge me for the pulled pork, but boy was it the most disgusting pulled pork I ever tasted. It came in a huge bowl like a giant ice cream sunday, drenched in the most astringent, tangy-gone-sour flavored sauce I've ever had. The pork itself had no taste. I could not eat this either.

              Then there was the Mac & Cheese side...which consisted primarily of elbow macaroni but there were some suspicious pieces of crusty old shell pasta mixed in. Both tasted as if they had been reheated 50 times, and the dish looked like it had been comprised of leftovers from other diner's plates that were scraped into a bowl in the kitchen instead of being thrown away. Sure enough, when I got to the bottom of the Mac & Cheese bowl -- since it was the only thing I could get down my throat -- I found scraps of pulled pork and other unidentifiable pieces of food that had been covered by the Mac & Cheese.

              This was the most disgusting meal I've ever had in Westchester and I sat through the whole thing in my coat and hat (re, lack of heat). Honestly, I was more disappointed that I will never return to the place, which does not offer true Bar B Q as it promises, than I was wasting the $65 for the meal.

              Oh, and the entire time, one of the owners sat with some friends (as the only other people in the back room) watching us freeze without having us relocated. Don't waste your time or money. I don't care if this place was just getting started. You don't treat customers like that and you certainly don't serve food like that, which I'm convinced was scraped off someone else's plate, in part.

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                I have to agree that this place is a huge disappointment. The ribs were decent, and if I was ever forced to go back, that is what I would order. But out of 3 entrees, 6 sides, and 2 apps, to have one edible dish is more than a total waste of money.
                Still waiting for GREAT bbq to come this way.

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                  My experience wasn't *that* negative. I definitely had to wait to be seated as the hostess desk was unmanned. Once someone showed up, we had to wait some more for a table.

                  I didn't order any apps that night, but I had the brisket and the ribs. The ribs were pretty good. I had the exact opposite experience of ojames. I thought the brisket was tough, dry, and underseasoned. I would have liked a little more fat. The corn pudding stuff is pretty good and I had no complaints about the sweet potato fries.

                  My husband had the chicken. He had no complaints about the taste of the chicken. He didn't like the fact that the half chicken was served to him in a slab rather than in pieces. He does not like picking up his food and getting messy with it and this chicken was very hard for him to eat.

                2. re: ojames

                  We went a few weeks ago for lunch. It wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't go back so fast. My husband had a hamburger, which he liked and my kids had chicken fingers. Hard to screw up.

                  I had a chicken panini sandwich, and when it arrived, I was somewhat disgusted to see that it was made with dark meat chicken. Maybe it was my fault for assuming that it would be chicken breast, but I have never seen a panini or grilled chicken sandwich made with dark meat. The sweet potato fries were very good.

                  The menu was sort of a hodgepodge and it was almost like the bbq and the seafood were an afterthought. Overall, not very appealing.

                3. Husband, daughter and I had a pretty lousy meal in there a few weeks ago - our first and last visit.

                  We ordered ribs and I was excited when I saw the seriously pink smoke ring on the meat. Then I tasted them and was perplexed because the meat had no smoke flavor at all. Not sure how they get the ring but it ain't from low, slow, smoking for sure. Half of the rack was completely burnt solid - inedible, hard chunks of dried out meat, almost charcoal. They replaced it with moist, fresh ribs when we complained but I still can't understand how they made it out of the kitchen onto a plate. The pulled pork had no flavor. Our eight year old daughter who rarely meets a mac and cheese she doesn't like was unimpressed with the one she got there. The corn bread stuff was fine and can't remember what else we had.

                  The atmosphere is as depressing and run down as it was when it was the Jolly Trolley, maybe more so. Seems like the same "regulars" hanging out at the same depressing bar. So same thing, different day. Crappy food, lousy atmosphere, bunch of drinkers at the bar. A total disappointment of a restaurant and waste of a good location ---- again.

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                    I agree with that review. For the most consistent dry-rub ribs, Q in Portchester is the best. For Carolina-style ribs, Sherwood's in Larchmont. There are no other good rib places in Westchester, but I'm open to suggestions.

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                      No other Westchester suggestions fweiler. If you haven't yet gone, head north, cross the county line and hit BigW in Wingdale.

                      On Sherwoods, maybe we hit it on a bad night but our ribs - as you know they serve babyback only and I prefer St. Louis - had almost no meat and were dry. We asked for dry rub and no sauce but these were really, well, stringy. Haven't retried the ribs there since. Should we?

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                        Q is good, but pricey. If they're going to have Southern style counter service they should have Southern style pricing. The rents aren't that high in PC.

                    2. Ok so I just returned from eating here. I missed Jolly Trolley so much that I wanted to see if they had the shoes to fill. I understand that they are new but being inside the place I didn't feel at home like I used to. The waiter was great. I forgot his name but he attended us well, I guess that's because we were the only ones there eating. But anyways, I ordered the dry rub ribs which weren't terrible but did lack a bit of taste. That's why they have all the sauces for you to try to make it flavorful. As my side dishes, I ordered the baked beans which was really good and the mashed potatoes which were mediocre. My dad had the cajun shrimp and he thought they were delicious and HOT. Would I rush back to eat again? I'd say no. I probably won't return after a while. I became too attached to Jolly Trolley that I couldn't find my vibe in the Barnacle.

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                        Went here a couple of weeks back. The pulled pork sandwich was actually surprisingly good.

                        Did not expect this after reading so many negative reviews here. Which either means they are inconsistent or everyone around here has RIDICULOUSLY high standards, which is almost comical considering that we live in NY! Even down South most BBQ places are hit or miss. While it wasn't the best pulled pork sandiwch I've ever had, it was actually better than what I've had at many local chain places down South.

                        So for $8 the sandwich and fries wasn't such a bad deal. Their fries tasted pretty good to me. Try the sweet potato fries if you want to mix it up a little.

                        1. re: deam

                          I'd just say they're inconsistent. My standards aren't really that high and I when I went there I was perfectly happy with the ribs and sweet potato fries and that corn thing, but the brisket was dry and tough (as I stated above). I think they are still ironing out the kinks of being a new restaurant and might be really good at some point - or maybe not. I just didn't think they did everythign well in my only visit.

                        2. My friend asked me what I thought after we got our meals. I have dined around the world and eaten meals in the filtihest dives sheerly out of desperation.

                          My response to my friend: "This is the worst meal I have ever eaten."

                          The service was sloppy. The waitstaff looked like they were auditioning for a Three Stooges remake.

                          The presentation was an embarrasment, considering that the server expected me to it. The greens were soggy and pale. The marble sized scallops were as hard as marbles too.

                          My friends plate of ribs looked ok but the looks were deceiving. Dry rub ribs: the dry means no sauce, not the texture of the meat.

                          I can't say enough bad things about this place, but if you need to know more just post a reply and I will elaborate further.

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                            On Wednesday Aug 12th, I took my elderly mother to lunch at the Barnacle. She lived in Larchmont her entire life and wanted to go to the old Jolly Trolley. We were dismayed at how dirty the Barnacle appeared but gave it a try. My mother ordered fish & chips, but they were out of it. Her 2nd choice was a chef salad. They didn’t have that either. Settling for the basics, she ordered a cheese hamburger – medium rare & fries. After waiting 45mins, the burger was completely burnt with no cheese. We insisted on speaking to a manager. Eventually the staff retrieved her. Her tableside was unacceptable. She was rude, smelled of alcohol mid afternoon and had a filthy appearance. She tried to offer us a dessert. We refused. My mother could not wait any longer and paid the check. I recently received my credit card statement. My card was charged TWICE. Once paying the bill and again at 2:30am! I have disputed this with my bank. I would NEVER eat there again. The food is terrible, the place is dirty, and the manager is a crook. You will be ripped off and double charged. Stay away.

                          2. I think all the negative reviewers before March of 2010 should give The Barnacle another try. Coleman, the owner, realized that he needed to revamp the staff and menu. It is now a BBQ and fish shack. And it's delicious. Crunchy fried clams that when bitten into, yield to a creamy soft center. The steamers come in a rich broth, the clams cooked beautifully, not rubbery. The dry rub ribs are full of flavor and the other BBQ we saw delivered to the other patrons looked awesome. 

                            Our particular fav is the Thurs. night luau. All you can eat whole roasted pork ( don't look at the head, complete with apple in mouth) and seafood paella. Both very good the 3 times we tried it. The salads are pretty decent too (mixed mesclun), for a BBQ place, which is unusual. 

                            There's a reggae band that night. You can sit at the bar or front porch and pretend you're in Jamaica (you'll have to have a great imagination).

                            The deck in the back is one of the few places in the Larchmont/ Mamaroneck area that you can dine looking at the water. It's a little industrial, next to Director's boat yard, but that just adds to the fish shack ambience. 

                            The Barnacle
                            141 Front St, Marblehead, MA 01945

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                              chowhound22, you have a link to a restaurant in Marblehead, MA.
                              Do you have the link to a Barnacle in Mamaroneck? Yours is the only review in over a year.

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                                The Barnacle is closed. Any idea what's next?

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                                  Sorry, I don't. I am hoping for a fun fish place there. It could use a full makeover inside and out.