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Dec 28, 2008 07:14 AM

Ideas for savory dinner crepe filling that small child-friendly?

We have friends arriving in a few days and am considering crepes for either breakfast or dinner. They have a "four and three quarters" year old who's not adventuresome yet. Do y'all have any recommendations for savory dinner crepe fillings? Also I've seen recipes where the crepes are filled and then baked with a sauce on. Do any of you do that? It would be easier but I wonder if the crepes then lose their crepe-iness. Thanks in advance

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  1. At this age, our daughter would have enjoyed cheddar cheese, parmesian cheese, ham [but not a dried ham], bacon, onions and/or broccoli [but that isn't universal]. She would have hated mushrooms, asparagus, goat cheese, or anything "slimy."

    A child this age might enjoy seeing all the possible ingredients in bowls, and do a "make your own."

    I find that if I cook the crepes individually, stack them on a warmed plate with wax paper in between each crepe and stored in the oven until final assembly helps them keep their special texture.

    And if you decide to also serve dessert crepes, nutella reigns supreme with the 4-year old set!

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      Thin slices of ham wrapped in the crepe would be very child-friendly - if picking it up is allowed. Creamy fillings could be messier, even when using fork and knife.

    2. My mom used to make creamed chicken crepes when i was young. It was a fairly basic shredded chicken with peas in a cream sauce, served inside the crepes. After my dad and I went gluten free she would still make the chicken and just serve over rice. I know that peas are often questionable with kids that age, but its worth a shot. They are simple, mild and delicious.

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        I like the idea of finding something that the kids could help with. I wasn't crazy about cream sauces at that age, but kids are not predictable and sometimes what they hate at home they love at a neighbor's house. I probably would have gone for something as plain as scrambled eggs in the crepe.

        When I grew up in a family of nine, easily the favorite breakfast/supper dish was what our dad called "Cowboy Eggs"--also known as One-Eyed Sailors or One-Eyed Egyptians. And it is a great dish for kids' participation. Fry a slice of bread with a hole torn or cut in the center, turn it over and drop an egg in. Fry the second side and turn it again to firm up the other side. Serve with ketchup or salsa. There's a similar dish called a Stork in a Nest in which the egg is cooked in a nest of matchstick potatoes.

      2. You could a chicken cordon bleu idea with chicken, ham, mushrooms inside and top w/ a swiss cheese sauce. It could be baked, or just topped.

        1. Another vote for something in the creamed chicken department - chicken a la king, chicken divan, or whatever else you want to add. Another way to go would be mild tex-mex, quesadilla-type fillings. Just think outside the wrapper!

          When I was a kid one of my favorite Sunday lunches was "blueberry pancakes"...the word "crepe" never crossed my German mom's lips and that might be a good tip while the visitors are with you. Crepe could easily become crap in a kid's mind; pancake is a lot more kid-friendly. Mom's were rolled around canned blueberries thickened with cornstarch, sweetened, and cooled before going into the hot crepes. Not sure why she regarded this as lunch but I suppose between the egg, milk, and fruit it was a decent meal.

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            Yeah, I'm leaning towards a creamed chicken something. Will talk to her mom later.

            My daddy, in Atlanta in the 50s, made "French pancakes" which were of course crepes (which I didn't know at the time). It was a special breakfast dish with jam inside and sprinkled with powdered sugar. If I don't do dinner crepes, I may do them for breakfast and the wee one can have that instead of eggs etc. if she wants.