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Dec 28, 2008 07:07 AM

Best coffee in midtown

My husband & I are visiting NYC in May. My last visit was back in 1999 & one of the things that I remember is suffering due to bad coffee experiences. I need direction, folks. Please steer me to the best coffee in the city. It has to be a walkable distance - we're staying right by Times Square. I'm an espresso drinker, but long as it's a good cup of java. Thanks in advance for any advice. Any other caffeine addict will sympathize with that fact that lack of good coffee makes for a somber trip.

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  1. Casa Cupcake Cafe, hands down. 40th and 9th. Not a bad schlep.

    1. Zibetto and Fika are both good but slightly north of Times Square

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      1. I will try all of the above. What about the Mud truck I've heard so much about? Any good in terms of "regular" coffee?

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          hey mammasteph, i personally have not found the mudd truck to be all that great. it's certainly not bad, just not something i'd ever go out of my way for. i've had coffee there that was not all that recently made, which is one of the surest ways to ruin a good bean.

          xigua and intrepid's zibetto suggestion is excellent, esp. for espresso drinkers, and fika's not bad. they're near 57th or 58th or so, on or just off 6th ave.

          i haven't tried casa cupcake.

          1. re: cimui

            Ditto. The Mud Truck gets a lot of press because it's local, mobile, and charming, but the coffee isn't great.

            Zibetto and Fika are both good suggestions. Note that Zibetto is standing room only, with some standing-level counters.

          2. re: MammaSteph

            The espresso at Bottega del Vino is excellent - 59th just east of 5th, nice and close to the park, as well.

            1. re: MammaSteph

              Casa Cupcake is a very comfy place where you can lounge. Although Zibetto has great coffee, it's not for lounging. Further away there are 2 Joes. One is at Grand Central and one on 23rd st off of 9th.