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Dec 28, 2008 07:06 AM

Rodizio in South River

Had a hankering for rodizio and since I no longer live near Newark decided to give this place a try. Right on Main St South River. Bright and simple decor. We were some of 1st people there so server informed us right away that the rodizio would take a little extra time to be prepared but "it will be worth it". Boy was he right! Salad bar was sparse but once the skewers came out it was all good. The sides were extremely flavorful as well. Garlic sirloin was my fave-close second was the "cracklins" that came on my better-half's platter. Definitely will return in future! It is BYOB too which keeps the $ nice and manageable.


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  1. Yes, lots of meat! They have an all-you-can-eat lunch; not nearly as good as the bbq dishes thaough. they also have feijoada on Saturdays.
    Brazil Country Rest was discussed on the Main Street South River thread,.

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      This sounds good! Been wanting to try it for a while but just not worth the money for me because I can't eat that much meat! How much is it per person? If it's cheap enough, we might go there with some friends this weekend!

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        The all you can eat rodizio was $21 per person. Came with sides of rice, roasted yucca, plaintains, beans and collard greens. There were 8 different meats brought during the dinner.

        My fiancee had one of the BBQ platters with grilled pork @ $18. Came with rice, sausage, cracklings and beans (i think).

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          you can do it "by the pound" too if you don't want too much meat....I know I can fill up 2 to-go containers,enough for 3 people, for 20$.

          http://rtimko.smugmug.com/gallery/513... I filled up those 3 for under 20 to-go. and it pretty much has 1 of everything on the spits.