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Dec 28, 2008 06:25 AM

The Keg - Yonge and Eg

good old mom and dad, they sent me some keg gift certificates for xmas. i don't go that often in t.o, but was wondering which location is best? i live closest to the somewhat new yonge and eglinton location. mansion is ok..i have been before a few years back but the wait can be trying. i went to the york street one for drinks once. i did not mind it but was wondering if anyone has feedback on the yonge-eg one.


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  1. Only feedback I have is second hand... some friends in the new Minto tower adjoining the Yonge and Eg Keg suggested that they won't take weekend reservations, which our friends found quite frustrating (as you said, the wait was trying). Once in, however, they reported the food was same quality as ever (reliable and satisfying, but not Harbour 60). Decor looks much like York Street.

    1. I got some keg cards and exchanged them on a classifieds site for cards that I wanted, just a thought in case you weren't interested in eating there.

      1. I've been to that location as well as the one on York St. I frequent York one more, not by choice, but because of work/clients. I actually haven't had a full meal at the Yonge-Eg location because that specific day, my friends and I decided to order a bunch of appetizers. Regardless, I found it to be pretty decent, if not better than the York location.

        In general, I am just really sick of the Keg (reminds me of work). But if I have to go, I wouldn't mind trying the Yonge-Eg location again. Hope this helps.

        1. I agree. Similar to the York Street (which I find the best outlet in the chain). So pretty good as a second choice.