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Dec 28, 2008 06:22 AM

Save Alfanoose!

Today's Times features an article about small business owners in the NY area coping with the economic crisis. Prominent among them is Mouhamad Shami, owner of Alfanoose, the outstanding FiDi Middle Eastern restaurant. Previously, as a result of 9/11, Mr. Shami was forced to close for nearly a year and then relocate. Now, according to the article, business is down and Mr. Shami is thinking of downsizing. Witn all the CRAP in the neighborhood: bad pizza, fast food, sandwich joints, etc., don't we have room in our stomachs for quality slow food? I've enjoyed his falafel sandwiches and other dishes, as well as his desserts and beverages, for 8 years. I encourage you to visit Alfanoose, to order your delivery lunch from Alfanoose and to express your support for Mr. Shami.

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  1. I wholeheartedly second this recommendation. Alfanoose has wonderful food, lovingly and carefully prepared by the every present and hard working owners. These people deserve your business! Spread the word......

    1. Alfanoose has great vegetarian food. The vegetarian platter saves me at night when there are just greasy meaty choices on seamless web. There's so much variety and the grape leaves are first class.

      1. And the lentil soup! It's my favorite in the City.

        1. Nooooo! I live and work in this neighborhood and can tell you the pickings can be slim. Alfanoose has always been a bright spot (along with Bread & Olive, Zeitzeff and Les Halles). It would be a true shame if it were to close.

          1. I wonder if the "downsizing" relates to reducing hours and eliminating dinner service. The lunch lines are always quite long—so much so that I am often not able to wait—while dinner patrons are sparse.

            Either way, long live Alfanoose!