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Crepes (Palacsinta) Hortobagy

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While on vacation in Budapest, I loved the Crepes Hortobagy (crepes with chicken in a sour cream/paprika sauce) so much I had it at least once a day. Now I'm back home wanting to make it for myself but not finding much online. Can anyone share their Hungarian grandma's (or grandpa's!) recipe?

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  1. These are basically just palacsinta with boneless chicken paprikas inside. There is a long palacsinta thread elsewhere on Chowhound -- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/413243 --and I've posted my ur-recipe for all-stews-Hungarian on Chowhound in the past and there are lots of other paprikas recipes kicking around here and elsewhere -- mine is most easily found at: http://everythingbudapest.eu/Internet...