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Dec 28, 2008 05:28 AM

Cheap, fun place to eat near the Joyce Theater

Going to a Sunday night performance at the Joyce (18th and 8th) and want someplace new and fun to eat. We love everything, all cuisines, but are on a budget. Suggestions?

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  1. SueƱos 311 W. 17th St., nr. Eighth Ave York, NY 10011

    Gascogne158 8th Ave
    New York, NY 10011
    (212) 675-6564

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    1. re: Rmis32

      Gascogne is one of our favorite French bistros. It's been around for quite a long time, it's not cheap, and I would describe it as cozy, charming and romantic. Not exactly a good fit for what jjroesch seems to have in mind.