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Dec 28, 2008 05:02 AM

Where to buy Seattle's Best coffee in NVA

My brand of coffee, Seattle's Best, has disappeared off the shelves in Safeway, Giant and Target. Anyone know where I can buy it in Northern Virginia?

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  1. I was going to say I'd seen it at all of the major grocery stores, but I gave up on it shortly after it became available here so I guess I didn't notice that it was gone. I wanted to like it but I just never made a great cup with the varieties that I could find on the shelf. The first place I recall seeing it around here was Harris-Teeter so you might check there to see if they still offer it. Also, it's the coffee served in the coffee shops at at least a couple of your local Borders Books. The ones a Bailey's Crossroads and Pentagon City have it. They probably sell beans as well.

    HOLD THE PRESSES! I was just in the Willston Safeway this morning and they had Seattle's Best. Now I remember why I gave up buying it. They only have whole beans for the house blend, and everything else was ground. So maybe your local Safeway no longer carries it, but mine does. They also have Tullly's, if you're into Seattle coffees.

    You might want to try some of "DC's Best" since there are a few local roasters around here. Some Whole Foods (but not all) carry Swing's, Majorca, and Quartermaine's, all local roasters, and Beanetics, which as far as I know isn't distributed to grocery stores they're usually at the Falls Church farmer's market, roasts at the shop in Annandale.

    1. They serve Seattle's Best in Borders and you can buy it by the bag, whole bean or ground. The Borders at Pentagon City has a very good selection.

      Last time I was there, they were offering a free bag of coffee to anyone who ordered a specialty coffee drink on Friday or Saturday evenings, so that was quite a deal!