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Dec 28, 2008 05:00 AM

Best brunch in Roncesvalles/Ossington/High Park area?

We love Mitzi's but I fear on this particular Sunday morning they won't be able to find a table for four.... ever! Where should we go? We like delicious food and we don't like waiting for tables!

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  1. If you can make it to College and Bathurst there's always Sneaky Dee's, Nirvana, Maggies or Utopia.

    1. Easy's on Ronces and Queen is great - though a little more pricier than some of the others. B on Dundas/Ronces is also cute (small space though).

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      1. re: saira

        B is no longer there - it has been replaced by some other breakfast place. I'm not sure of the name or quality though.

      2. Mitizi's Sister just down the avenue on Queen West. A couple of doors east of Mitzi's Sister is Mezzrow's, with great food. Sunrise on Roncesvalles and Howard Park.

        1. IMo,
          Brads is great for Brunch and Lunch.

          1. We're a little past Sunday here but if you venture out again on a Sunday in the nabe I recommend the following places:

            Ossington: Levack Block, Delux
            DuWest (I am now using this name to promote the area between Dufferin/Lansdowne on Dundas) - Cafe Lula (in the Lula Lounge)
            Roncesvalles - Easy
            High Park/Junction - Cool Hand of Girl

            I haven't tried the B replacement yet... it was closed when I last tried.