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Dec 27, 2008 11:34 PM

London dining recommendations


I will be in London late January on business.
looking for restaurants for 6 nights. I'm into asian food of all kinds,french and italian.

so far i'm thinking of:

Hakkasan (not my 1st time)
Zuma (not my 1st time)
Cinnamon kitchen

any thoughts/recommendations ?


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  1. You can't really go wrong with Hakkasan or Zuma, but you could also consider Min Jiang (which specialises in duck but also does good dim sum). Not cheap but great views.

    If you have time for lunch at all, definitely look into Launceston Place. 3 courses for £18 - one of London's best bargains.

    Cinnamon Kitchen is a good choice, but if you want to try somewhere more central you could consider Trishna - Indian seafood in Marylebone. Reviews were a little mixed to start with but seem pretty positive now.

    Enjoy your trip :)