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Dec 27, 2008 10:53 PM

Chowhounds to visit Queretaro

We love it all! Is there a particular food stall or restaurant that we should not miss? I remember a couple of favorites in the downtown area (but can't remember the names) from our last visit. One place had beautiful hand painted chairs featuring notable Mexican artists. I ordered an Irish coffee after dinner that was made by three servers! Three! Delicious and entertaining. I hear Costco is new since we were there last. What kind of a food department does it have? Do they carry US goods? Thank you, friends.

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  1. What fun! How many Chow Hounds are going?
    This is a Mexico City original that is now in the city of Queretaro and not to be missed. Order the sopa de natas that has nothing to do with soup, and is a true convent recipe made famous here.
    And here they do open late.

    Especialidad: Mexicana - Mexicana
    Telefono: 01 _442_ 212 6617
    Direccion: Blvd. Bernardo Quintana Arrioja 506
    Referencia: entre Membrillo y Av. Constitución
    Horario: Sáb. Dom. y Lun. 7:30 a 20:00 hrs. Mar. a Vie. 7:30 a 22:00 hrs.

    For more info, addresses and the such go to

    Don't know the reps of the ones listed will try to get some. Buen provecho!