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Dec 27, 2008 09:57 PM

The convenience store custard fried pie - an endangered species

The custard fried pie has bit the dust. Gone at convenience stores and supermarkets alike, discontinued ...

Just a year or so ago, pull in any 7-11 and you could partake in Hostess (or Mrs. Bairds') lemon, chocolate, coconut fried pies. Or perhaps pineapple ... Anyway, the cheap custard fried pie has been gone for nearly a year ...

A lemon or coconut pie used to be a fine reward after a night of hard-working drinking, or after a night of philanthropy at t-bars, passing out partial scholarships to worthy students ...

Nowadays though, you can only get an apple or cherry fried pie at your local store.

But I don't want to eat apple or cherry pies, too sweet! I want the orgasmic lemon pie, chocolate, coconut ... mmmmm

I think a Fort Worth company is keeping the love alive, called Mindy Lou's Pies. Yeah they are preaching the gospel of custard pies for a buck or so. But they don't get good distribution, just try to find one.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Mindy Lu's are the BEST! It's been my experience to find them at some Farmer's Markets and Mom and Pop restaurants. I went to their outlet off of 820 a few years ago and bought their "seconds" which were fine, but just had a crack or two in them. They've since moved somewhere in Arlington. Here's their website with more info on where to get them!

    1. Here is a bump, as I'm definitely interested in what fellow chowhounders say.
      Whole Foods on Preston in N. Dallas makes fried pies. I have had their lemon, chocolate and caramel apple. All were good.. not "orgasmic", but good nonetheless.

      1. Lemon and chocolate are still available in CA, I don't remember coconut, but a couple of weeks ago I purchased 2 ea of lemon, chocolate, and cherry.

        They were 0.69 each, purchased from a 3-store supermarket chain, they had apple too. I don't remember the brand, but they were not Hostess.

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          The brand of pie is: All American Pie, Heritage Foods, Utah.

        2. I've seen the alternative flavors of the Mrs. Baird's pies at their outlet stores. Unfortunately, that's probably your last hope on those. I'm partial to the Pecan Pie flavor and that's where I go to get them.

          1. Odd, I just noticed an entire section of Mrs. Bairds fried pies at Walmart the other day (and had to Walk.Away. from the lemon - my fave) and then again at a convenience store (Town & Country, Texas chain).

            Maybe the problem is all of the Skinny's being taken over by 7-11? They probably want you to buy their branded stuff instead.

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              About a year ago I had the best fried pie ever. Hubigs. I was visiting my wife's family in Mississippi and on our way home stopped to fill up the car. I ran in to get a Coke and saw a selection of pies that you do not see in Dallas. The two that stood out were Sweet Potato and Peach. Both were freakin' awesome! The sweet potato was my favorite. These little fried pouches of goodness are made in New Orleans and shipped to surrounding areas which happened to include my wife's hometown. If you have a chance to get one of these pies, grab one or two!

              **I checked their history and found they originated from Fort Worth and opened a 2nd location in NOLA. You can ready more here:


              1. re: braisemebaby77

                I called them because I love peaches and they no longer do any business in the DFW area. You can order them online. Looks really, really good! Hunky's in DFW sells fried pies, but I'd love to try the convenience store type.