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Dec 27, 2008 07:26 PM

Just arrived in new york, looking for charcuterie and nose to tail eating.

Hey all, just drove in from Toronto.
i cook back home and am looking for some gems to eat at.
I'll be going to babbo, bar boulud, and the spotted pig for sure.
i'm over at houston and mott....
i have no clue where anything is including myself.
i'm looking for good brunch, lunch, dinner spots in the neighbourhood as well as those gems a chef shouldn't miss when in town.
Its my first time here and i doubt i'll be back soon.
i have 7 days.
although i'd like to eat my share of charcuterie and pig parts while here, id also like to balance it with unique dining experiences to please my girlfriend. :)
so anything i shouldn't miss is welcomed!


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  1. Definitely go to Bar Boulud. The charcuterie is excellent and they also have a broader menu that would probably please your girlfriend.

    1. Also the recently opened Salumaria Rosi on Amsterdam and 73rd, which is on the Upper West Side and a short walk from Cental Park and the Dakota building (where John Lenon was shot).

      1. not a ton of offal in town...spotted pig doesnt really do much for me considering the wait and clientele. for offal-esque food, casa mono is the spanish place by batali and while im not a batali fan, the place does have a nice assortment of duck hearts and tripe and whatnot.

        charcuterie plates? relatively popular...the best ive enjoyed is at 'ino on bedford...very big on cured meat and cheese...very cheap and very cute spot...perfect for a sunday night dinner with yr girl.

        yr near mott and have peasant for good italian a block or two habana has hip cuban but its mobbed...get there early and youll be fine. bianca on bleecker is cheap and nice italian...sort of a neighborly place. drinks at temple bar on lafayette is a good option is pravda on lafayette off prince.

        brunch...freemans...they also serve lunch on weekdays...great spot...definitely unique...gets mobbed at night.

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        1. re: sam1

          a couple of more ideas...a little divergent from what you asked but you will like them...momofuku ssam, yakatori totto, Despana (a spanish deli)

          also check out the pot here for Per Se special offal tasting menu

          1. re: Cpalms

            I love Momofuku Ssam Bar, definitely stop in there. For offal, try the two terrine sandwich (banh mi), crispy pig's head, and Sichuan beef tendon. They are all quite good, but I like some of the other dishes better (Long Island duck, spicy pork sausage with rice cakes, apple kimchi, and fried brussels sprouts).

            For Yakitori Totto note that is it is extremely popular and they tend to run out of the offal / weird parts early. They are usually located on the daily specials menu.

          2. re: sam1

            Seconding Casa Mono, pretty different from Babbo and worth a try -- it's tiny, and I think your best bet is to try lunch there and eat at the bar: foie gras, sweetbreads, tripe, pig's feet croquetas, lamb's tongue, tripe. However 2-3 dishes is enough for one person -- bring reinforcements if you can. The most unique items on the menu are the duck hearts and cock's comb.

            2nding the Freemans brunch recommendaiton.

          3. Applewood in Brooklyn has nose to tail eating. Never been, never tried. just heard.

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            1. re: UWStoSONO

              ive never seen any offal on their menu and ive been there maybe 10x since theyve opened. that said, applewood is an absolutely perfect place to visit for their meats. david shea is one of my favorite chefs and applewood is a perfect little restaurant.

              1. re: sam1

                Same..been many times, dont remember any offal, but great food.

                Inoteca in LES for charcuterie. Hearth has a wonderful way with sweetbreads.

            2. Hi GVG,

              Welcome! I used to live in Toronto too!

              Babbo, Bar Boulud and Spotted Pig are excellent choices for offal and charcuterie. Here in NY there aren't that many restaurants that dedicated their menu to nose to tail, and you will find most of them serving a few offal dishes among a wide variety of other offerings. Chinese restaurants have a lot of offals, but since you come from Toronto, I will not bother with Chinese restaurants as you can do much better at home.

              I think Casa Mono suggested by sam1 is a great option for offals. They have the most common offerings range from sweetbreads and tongue to duck hearts, but specials like duck testicles can also be found. Momofuku Ssam is great as well with pig head torchon or veal head terrine, on top of lamb tongues (note that their menu changes almost everyday so not every dish is available)

              Yakitori Tottos are mainly chicken parts, so chicken gizzards, soft knee bones, chicken tails are probably more unique. However, I do notice that there are quite a lot of yakitori places in Toronto so it depends on whether you feel these are unique enough to pay a visit.

              One place that I didn't see in the above posts is Irving Mill. They are serving some great porky dishes, like pork toast and pig's ear salad, with some pates. However, I will go straight to the charcroute plate which is a combination of a variety of terrine, meat and sausages, and the small one can easily feed two. If Bar Boulud is the sophisticated king of charcuterie, then Irving Mill is the causal wild child that try to celebrate every part of the pig.

              If you are into pig's trotter, you can also try Hakata Tonton in West Village. This is a small Japanese restaurant with a menu that dedicated almost entirely to tonsoku (pig's trotters). One dinner will get you enough collagen that no beauty regimen is needed for a week.

              Other meals for you and your girlfriend - Degustation for one of a kind tapa experience in open kitchen; Sushi Yasuda if you like sushi; Katz's for moist fatty pastrami sandwich which you can find only in New York; Russ & Daugthers for fantastic nova and smoked salmon; Shake Shack for burgers, etc.

              I highly encourage you to take RGR's LES Food Excursion trip to enjoy an afternoon with unique New York offerings

              Please do a search on the RGR's excursion and the places mentioned on the board, and you see a lot of reviews and suggestions on what to get at each of these places.

              One more note, you NEED to make reservation as early as possible. Places like Babbo needs to be reserved exactly 30 days in advance with tables gone in first 10 minutes of reservations. So make sure you do that in order to plan your trip accordingly.

              Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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              1. re: kobetobiko

                kobetobiko, I second ALL your recommendations. I also like the charcroute plate at Irving Mill.

                Also, I would also add in the bone marrow dish from Blue Ribbon Brasserie or Blue Ribbon Bakery, as well as visit to Prune (monkfish liver, bone marrow, sweetbreads).

                I gather from OP's post that "he just drove in" meaning that he just arrived in town, sans reservations? Maybe he is looking to sit at the bar? BTW Babbo takes reservations one month in advance to the numerical date, slightly different from a lot of other places in town.

                Also if you LOVE offal and weird parts, you owe it to yourself to go to Kabab Cafe in Astoria Queens.

                Best brunch in NY:

                More on offal:

                1. re: kathryn

                  So far i've hit up cafe habana, the spotted pig, inoteca for late night eats, and casa mono.
                  they've all been very solid.
                  For some reason i cant help but want a grilled corn from habana every single day. luckily for me its around the block.
                  Inoteca's truffled egg with bottarga was divine!
                  The sardines at casa mono were flawless with a lemony punch, and the pickled mackerel at the spotted pig along with grilled tongue dish was very memorable.
                  money goes fast in NYC....

                  1. re: Grant van gameren

                    Can anyone recommend some must have dishes at hakata tonton?