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Dec 27, 2008 06:41 PM

Uncle Nick's

can anyone give me an opinion about the food at Uncle Nick's? I'm looking for a fun and casual dinner option near the theater district that would be ok to take teens who don' t want stuffy but like good food.....not more than $30pp.....any other suggestions welcome...thanks

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  1. Uncle Nicks is exactly what you're looking for. Either that or John's of Bleeker St Pizza (Times Square branch).

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        I agree. The Greek Country salad is fresh (get it with the feta), the "flaming cheese" is just the right amount of drama for teens (and the cheese is good), the mixed appetizer plate is nice, the fresh fish is done simply/well and the atmosphere is exactly what you want. Warning: I've always found the meat dishes lacking... sometimes dry, not so flavorful... stick with fish or moussaka, etc.

      2. Have not been to Uncle Nick's in theater district but to their other restaurant near MSG.
        Although the food was good, the service was probably the worst I've ever encountered.
        They were constantly bringing wrong dishes and hot food was coming out cold.
        There did not seem to be any management to complain to.
        A real comedy of errors!

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          I had horrible service at Uncle Nick's Theater District location several years ago. I do not eat slowly, yet they tried to take the plate I was eating from I believe 3 times before I finally told them sharply to stop trying to take my food and that I would call them over when I needed them. I later complained to the Manager, who didn't really seem to take my complaint very seriously (he didn't apologize and claimed that they were all about customer service, but he didn't act like he'd instruct his staff on that point, so I concluded that trying to rush people out the door with a kick in the ass was the restaurant's calculation of what could make them the most profit). Naturally, I haven't been back.

          Stuffed Monkey, the adjoining bar is the Ouzaria, named after Ouzo, the Greek anise liqueur.

          Oh, the food. It was OK, but nothing amazing.

        2. I agree that Uncle Nick's is perfect, but you have the choice between the regular restaurant for regular entrees especially the fish and the guzaria next door which serves tapas type portions. The size of your group may preclude the guzaria which is my personal preferance.

          1. We take our teen daughter and son often to eat before theater. Favorites are Zuni, Trattoria Trecolori, Maria Pia, Rachel's, Marseille and yes, we all love Uncle Nick's where we like to share appetiziers as tapas if eating light before a show. Enjoy.