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Dec 27, 2008 06:39 PM

Vegetarians: What chains do you eat at?

We rarely eat at chain restaurants, but sometimes when you are on the road or are guests, you simply don't have a choice.

We used to be fairly satisfied with Taco Bell, but have rarely eaten there in the past 2 or 3 years. The food went from okay to awful. Some things I've thrown out after one bite, ugh!

Other than pizza from Papa Murphy's (we're addicted to the veggie gourmet and the veggie delite pizzas, both with white sauce), I can't think of any other chain restaurant that we ever eat at.

How about you? Have you had any luck finding eatable veggie food at chain restaurants?

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  1. I usually order either the Roasted Eggplant Sandwich and Portabella Burger at the Cheesecake Factory. They are both solid entrees; I've never been disappointed in either. I will sub out the french fries for a side salad (they have a decent balsamic vinaigrette).

    1. I have tried (and survived) the Pita Pit (not awesome at the two locations that I tried, but acceptable) and Bertuccis (I am in the North East).

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        We have a Pita Pit in town, too. Not exactly great food, but at least you can get something with some fresh veggies in it. We used to have a local place to get yummy falafels, etc., but I think it was a bit too expensive for most people and it closed.

        Never heard of Bertuccis, must not have any here in the Pacific NW.

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          At Bertucci's, I like the Lestina pizza, with no cheese. (This one has LOTS of garlic, in fact, whole cloves of it... it will leak out of your pores the next day).

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            I've seen Pita pit grill the falafels right next to the meat on the griddle. Stopped going there cause I was sure that they were intermingling...

        2. Fast food - Subway for the Veggie Delight or Veggie Patty sandwich. Otherwise, Taco Bell and the 7-layer burrito is the go-to.

          Casual Chain Restaurants - My fave is Red Robin because you can sub a veggie patty for any burger.

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            FYI - Taco Bell's sour cream contains gelatin. Depends how strict you are, but you can always get the 7-layer burrito (or anything else) without it.

            1. re: punkin712

              Thanks for the info. I don't like sour cream and order without it (so I guess I order a 6-layer burrito at the 7-layer price...hmmm). But I didn't know the sour cream contains gelatin.

              1. re: punkin712

                This is unfortunate to learn but I guess we needed to know. Thanks for bringing it up... had to tell the gf. Sad day.

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                  Ew, I'll have to tell the hubby. I think he still goes there on rare occasions. Thanks for the info.

                2. re: swissgirl

                  I'll have to check out a Subway. I don't think I've eaten there in many years. We also have a Quiznos. I suppose they have some veggie options, too.

                  Our Red Robin seems horribly overpriced, for what you get. Maybe they vary from location to location?


                  1. re: laurachow

                    Red Robin IS over-priced but at least they have a good variety of burger combos. They used to have an out-of-control mixed drink menu too but that has been pared down in the last few years.

                    1. re: swissgirl

                      Yeah, it's a bit overpriced I'd say as well, but it hits the spot sometimes. The fact that they always have Gardenburger and Boca patties is still a rarity for burger places, and something like a Boca patty is a heckuva lot more fun when you have it as part of their burger concoctions as opposed to the standard burger fixings. If you're gonna get a veggie burger at a chain, I think it's going to be tough to do better, just because of the sheer variety of what you can get on it. In the end that choice is worth a little added cost.

                3. i'm not sure where else these are, but Montana's steakhouse has a veggie burger that is by far THE best i've ever had. The thing is as big as your head, topped with roasted veggies and feta cheese...OMG so good.

                  I have to say Taco Bell is a very occasional guilty pleasure, as weak as their "hot" sauce is, i like how they'll still sub in the beans.

                  I like a BK veggie burger but was wholeheartedly dissapointed the other day when i asked if they could make one the same way as that jalapeno havarti topped one (name escapes me), and was told no. Seriously, just swap the burger, i'd even pay more, but no !! *sulks*....i'm still not over it. haha.

                  A&W for their veggie burger with the cheese swapped to cheddar, along with onion rings and diet root beer....mmm.

                  Extreme Pita has a pretty good falafel sandwich that I enjoy.

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                    Hmm, we must not have any Montana's Steakhouse in our neck of the woods. But, we are lucky to have a local restaurant that opened a burger joint and they do a fine veggie burger. Not a frozen Gardenburger patty, but it is actually made fresh in the restaurant. Yummy!

                    Didn't know A&W offered a veggie burger. Next time we're stuck for a place to eat, we'll try it.

                    On a road trip a few summers ago we were starving and pulled into a BK for a bite. Ugh! It was so horrible we were shocked. Not likely to eat at a BK again anytime soon.

                  2. Subway. I order a sub with veggies only. Also, in the Phoenix area there is a chain of restaurants, Pita Jungle, that offers tasty and fresh vegetarian dishes.