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Dec 27, 2008 06:34 PM

Great Restaurant within 2 hours from Stamford

where you can sleep over and have a fabulous Dinner and then Breakfast? Need a night away but of course want some great food and some country scenery. Thanks you

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  1. jfood has heard some marvelous things about the Mayflower in Washington CT

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      Ihave been there just to look at it because of the spa my husband is a LMT but way over my budget right now. I wish I could because when we toured the grounds they were very nice and the spa was incredible. I want a reasonable B&B that serves dinners and comes with breakfast. But I like your idea, thanks.

    2. This might be a little over 2 hours, but I've heard excellent things about Emerson Spa in Mt Tremper. I think fabulous would be a good adjective for this resort.

      1. copper beech inn in ivoryton, ct gets my vote. very good food, very good drinks.

        here's a link:

        1. Roger Sherman Inn -
          best restaurant in 2008 according to New York Times - awesome food.
          I'd also second Copper Beach - rather chere though - more so I think than Roger Sherman.

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            Thanks but it is too close to home want an adventure in the woods. Also I think too fancy for us.

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              how about harvest on hudson in hastings, new york?? only about 45 minutes.

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                bee and thistle in old lyme is slightly down the food chain. griswold inn, essex, is rustic with a bit of history. i've stayed at the bee & t and can vouch for the food (good not great). the gris is where we go in the summer when we moor the boat in essex.

            2. how about the Red Lion in Rhinebeck?

              ANd if fun in the iwnter is your idea with OK food, Mohonk Mountain

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              1. A

                Mohonk is very expensive but for a weekend of hiking skating and lots of activities it is a nice and beautiful place. And as you will notice "OK food" was how it was described

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                  I love Rhinebeck area, haven't been in 20 years but I would love some great suggestions of a rustic B&B in the woods that serves dinner and comes with a great breakfast though!
                  Is the Red Lion like this? Also some restaurant recommendatiosn would be wonderful to. thank you

                  1. re: nbermas

                    You might want to think about the Griswald Inn in Essex. It has been some time since I have eaten there (never stayed the night) but it was good

                    1. re: mmalmad

                      Try the Still River Cafe in Eastford. You'll need to find an nearby inn-- but that should be do able...

                      Still River is an old refurbished barn, and has terrific food tucked away in NE CT.