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Best Pasta Dish Fairfield County but not too expensive

Where and what do you order, I love tagaletti(Wrong Spelling, I'm sure) but it is long and wide, had it a few times and loved it and I think I had it with a ragu? Defintely want some recommendations, want a Mom and Pop place with Grandma still helping, if this is even around anymore. I guess from Stamford to Bridgeport. I want to make sure you have been a few times and know it has a stellar reputation, must be clean too! Thank you very much.

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  1. Try Italia Restaurant on Main Avenue in Norwalk. It is a no frills place in a shopping center on Rt. 7. However, it is a nice family owned buiness that has been around forever. Try their Napolitano pasta or their vodka sause as both are excellant.

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      I will try it I love family owned run buisness where the food is from recipes from there ancestors and it is made with love. Do they make good meatballs by chance, always looking for a good one. They are hard to come by and of course good gravy. Thanks

    2. Cafe Silvium in Stamford is excellent.

      1. I really like Mona Lisa in Stamford. The owner Luciano and his son work together to create some really yummy dishes. I happen to love the seafood ravioli and they have some delicious gnocchis, too. My boyfriend loves their cheese raviolis and has had some of the special variations such as spinach and ricotta there and raved about those, too. The entrees are in the $20 range so I am afraid it doesn't really meet your not too expensive criteria.

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          I think Mona Lisa closed in Jan 09. It was good, but I walked by there in late Sept, Wed night and it was empty. Sad.

        2. What is the difference between Ragu and Bolognese and where to get the best in and around Stamford area.

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            the difference is fast vs slow and a red gravy with some meat vs a beautiful pile of meat held together by some sauce.

            jfood's favorite bolognese usually served atop frshly made home made pasta is served at Aloi in New Canaan. Margheritte Aloi trained with Luongo in NYC before moving out here a few years ago. She makes her bolognese with a variety of mets so you never know which you will receive. Plus her pasta is primo delicisio.

          2. I would definitely go with Bacchus in Sono. I love all their pasta dishes, but the linguini carbonara with seared scallops and bacon was outstanding. Unfortunately they are temporarily closed until their liquor license is approved.


            1. Hi there,

              Ferrante is not exactly inexpensive, but it quite good.

              1. I really recommend Papa Joe's Ristorante Italiano in Darien - this is very much a mom n' pop place in the old tradition. You must try their fettucine alla bolognese - it's amazing and I have personally ordered it 8 times! Next door is their take away pizzeria joint - good for those moments when you can't head to New Haven or into Manhattan.

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                  8 times at the one sitting seoulqueen?! I concur with you on papa joe;s...their pasta is comfort food galore and very tasty. Their pizza is solid but for me its their pasta that is the main draw. Very family-oriented neighborhood place too...nice service.

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                    How are there meatballs? But i love a review that has been consistent 8 times, that is fabulous. I will try it soon . Are they open for lunch and where it is exactly and so they have a web site? Thank you

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                      Papa Joe's is at 1973 Post Road Darien...just across from the catholic church. Yes, they open for lunch. You can also do take out from their takeout store next door to the restaurant. All the menu items are available for take out which is usually what I do. Give em a ring then pick it up 20 mins later. Good value - never had a bad pasta dish yet. Don't think meatballs are on the menu but the bolognese is good as is the rigatoni sciciliani...it ain't high falutin' batali style cooking but for good, honest down-to-earth comfort italian I find it hard to beat.

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                        Thank you so I will defintely try it because I need a change from the stamford joints. What are the prices like? Do they have lunch specials?

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                      I wish I could eat 8 portions in 1 sitting! Their dinner portions are very generous. The fettucine alla bolognese costs $16.50 but it comes with a full sized salad (with a nice vinagrette dressing) and a big chunk of their freshly baked bread. If I eat the salad and the bread, I can only manage half of the fettucine before I am absolutely stuffed - so I save the rest for lunch the next day. The only gripe is that before the economy nose dived they used to give you almost 1/2 of a full size loaf, now they only give a few slices.

                  2. My favorite mom & pop for Italian food is definitely Mike's in Norwalk. All of their pasta dishes are absolutely amazing. Their version of a homemade fusili is my favorite dish.

                    1. new restaurant Aria in stamford has great home made pasta- i love their gnocci

                      i also LOVE the Papparadelle at Cava in New Canaan- its probably $20 but worth it- they serve it with truffle oil, wood roasted chicken and porcini mushrooms- its fabulous

                      1. I've heard very good things about Pasta Vera on Greenwich Ave. It's a little place toward the top of the avenue. I used to think it was just a deli place, but you can order prepared foods for take out, or they have seating behind as well. I remember someone here on the boards saying they make all their own pasta. That would be worth trying. Here's their website: http://www.pastavera.com/

                        Also, not a restaurant, but has anyone been to the place at the corner of the Post Rd and River Rd. Ext.? I think it's called Villarina's or something like that? It's a little gourmet shop that advertises fresh made pastas and daily homemade mozzarella?

                        OK, I just did a search and it looks like it's a local chain based out of New Rochelle. No idea how it is...

                        Pasta Vera
                        48 Greenwich Ave Ste 1, Greenwich, CT 06830

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                          Villarina's is a chain and has pretty good pasta. Sometimes jfood uses the flavored pastas since he is not that good just yet in making them. Prior to finding the Hazan Canneloni recipe he would buy their canneloni as well. The also have a pretty good selection of frozen raviolis. The lasagne is a non-starter as way too much pasta to stuff ratio.

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                            ah, I see they have one in New Canaan too. Is that the one you usually go to? Have you tried their mozzarella?

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                            Adamclyde: Thank you very much, I am so upset about Casa Villa is it defintely closed? Every go to the little place down the street from them going towards Greenwich on the right side and it looks like a little bodega and has a menu sign posted on the sidewalk in front of the store front. It is past dunkin donuts? It looks like a spot you might have tried but let me know. Have a great day.

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                              I've seen it a million times but never tried it. I think its a little peruvian place, though not sure. There are about 10-15 little places like that I have written in my notebook I keep in my car that I've been wanting to try. Some for a number of years (like that one)...

                              so, sadly, haven't been.

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                                +1 on pasta vera...have eaten there numerous times over the last 2 years. They do indeed have a restaurant area behind their front deli counter. They have a full lunch and dinner menu available every day except Sunday lunch I think. Their pastas are solid, tasty, generous portions. I particularly like their lunchtime panini entrees that come with salad and pasta on the side...good value. Their entree salads are also very good with great fresh ingredients although a little pricier perhaps. I also oftentimes grab some of their meatballs to go from their deli counter. They are huge and very tasty.

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                                I was surprised by your comment that Casa Villa was closed. So I went by there today and noticed it open like usual. Where did you hear they were closing? As of today, at least, they are definitely open.

                                The only mexican places I know of that are closing is El Charrito (but only temporarily while they are on a Winter vacation in Mexico), and Mexico Lindo in White Plains. Were maybe you thinking of one of those?

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                                  Thank goodness I heard it hear on Chowhounds and you told me about it and I love a few things that they make, I love the whole roasted chicken, moist and yummy. So thanks for the update.

                            2. Uncle Joes in Norwalk is a great family owned italian restaurant. Excellent baked dishes... lasagna is delicious!!! Also, great pizza! Small restaurant and can get crowded, but DEFINITELy worth the trip!

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                                Where is it and how are there meatballs? Are they many generations of Italian?

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                                  While I certainly enjoy Uncle Joe's, I think the owners are actually Greek. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

                                  1. re: Elizzie

                                    I think there is a big difference between authentic Italian and not (Greek) not the same even remotely.

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                                      I don't actually know who owns it, but I would still try it! They have great food... i promise. It's right on New Canaan Avenue, on the corner of Bartlett Avenue and New Canaan Ave (Rt 123).

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                                        Just a head's up on the pizza. It is EXTREMELY greasy. Just be prepared with lots of napkins and brioschi.

                                2. Remo's in Stamford has the best italian food under $15. It is better than all but the very best in FFC, and for the price, it can not be beat.

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                                    I still have to try it how is the pasta, I know alot of people who at lunch have tried alot of salads and sandwhiches but not the pasta, sauce, meatballs, lasagana, etc? Any ideas?

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                                      I have had nearly everything on the menu at Remo. Everything is always served hot, the only place where this happens every single time.

                                      Most recently I had a great layered dish of Spinach, Chicken, Prosciutto and fresh cheese. It was perfectly executed balanced.

                                      I think their linguine and white clams dish is a very strong "staple" but I would seriously expect whatever you choose to eat to be executed to near perfection/perfection every time.

                                      Meatballs are very, very good. But consider their specials too......I don't think this is a one trick pony restaurant.

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                                        Thanks I have indulged too much at remo's but I will go again soon, thanks.

                                  2. My recco... Quattro Pazzi in downtown Fairfield on Post Road. Solid, very consistent. Never disappoints me. Not very pricey either. My fav is the rigatoni with spicy sausage and ricotta. Comfort food to perfection.

                                    1. It's not cheap, but Pasta Nostra in SONO is worth the $$$. Too bad they're not open for lunch. Otherwise, the Brick Oven on Capital Avenue, or Carmine's in Shelton.

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                                        I'm seconding this posting! Pasta Nostra is a delight! Plus, Chef Joe, Chef Matteo, and the whole team are so pleasant and wonderful! I was in Italy earlier this summer -- many of PN's dishes rival Italy's! If you haven't been there --- and love pasta, you must go!

                                        I also love the pappardelle at Cava in New Canaan. THen again, I haven't really met a pappardelle I didn't like!


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                                          hate to disagree, but I do...We used to like Brick oven occasionally for casual Italian, but the last few times we went it was absolutely horrible. I mean worse than any Italian I have ever had. Not unusual for one dish to be off, but each and every one of our 6+ dishes was inedible.

                                          1. re: Ima Foodie

                                            Maybe that's because the original Brick Oven changed owners sometime during the past 2 years? Carmine opened up Carmine's north of Sikorsky off the Merritt Parkway. I should have mentioned that. I agree, the original Brick Oven is now off our list, too. We noticed the difference immediately recently and never went back. I wish we had known earlier the original owners moved and opened Carmine's in Shelton - especially since we were regulars for more than 30 years and were never told. . . imagine that. . . and we discovered the new place by accident and design. I had to call the Chamber of Commerce in surrounding towns to figure out what happened to them. It's still good I've heard, but a bit more upscale and a recent diner told me they weren't friendly to their children, so they left after drinks. We are planning to try it and see for ourselves anyway. I can be remarkably forgiving in exchange for a retro plate of veal parmigiana.

                                            1. re: piecrust

                                              "we were regulars for more than 30 years and were never told'
                                              That's a good thing. It is typical that a sales contract fpr a business has a non compete clause that forbids the seller to 'poach' existing clientele.

                                              If the seller violated this, he/she would be subject to a huge liability, and if he/she was 'holding paper' from the new owner it might become worthless.

                                              We have eaten in Carmine's and find it very good for old school red southern Italian.

                                              1. re: bagelman01

                                                Well that's good to hear because we're headed there soon since we also like that style of Italian cooking. What did you find different, if anything, about the food? Any menu changes? Is there a brick oven for pizza? ! I hope they do well, we are bringing a lot of people who used to also weekly frequent the old place.