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Dec 27, 2008 05:41 PM

Best Pasta Dish Fairfield County but not too expensive

Where and what do you order, I love tagaletti(Wrong Spelling, I'm sure) but it is long and wide, had it a few times and loved it and I think I had it with a ragu? Defintely want some recommendations, want a Mom and Pop place with Grandma still helping, if this is even around anymore. I guess from Stamford to Bridgeport. I want to make sure you have been a few times and know it has a stellar reputation, must be clean too! Thank you very much.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try Italia Restaurant on Main Avenue in Norwalk. It is a no frills place in a shopping center on Rt. 7. However, it is a nice family owned buiness that has been around forever. Try their Napolitano pasta or their vodka sause as both are excellant.

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        I will try it I love family owned run buisness where the food is from recipes from there ancestors and it is made with love. Do they make good meatballs by chance, always looking for a good one. They are hard to come by and of course good gravy. Thanks

      2. Cafe Silvium in Stamford is excellent.

        1. I really like Mona Lisa in Stamford. The owner Luciano and his son work together to create some really yummy dishes. I happen to love the seafood ravioli and they have some delicious gnocchis, too. My boyfriend loves their cheese raviolis and has had some of the special variations such as spinach and ricotta there and raved about those, too. The entrees are in the $20 range so I am afraid it doesn't really meet your not too expensive criteria.

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            I think Mona Lisa closed in Jan 09. It was good, but I walked by there in late Sept, Wed night and it was empty. Sad.

          2. What is the difference between Ragu and Bolognese and where to get the best in and around Stamford area.

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              the difference is fast vs slow and a red gravy with some meat vs a beautiful pile of meat held together by some sauce.

              jfood's favorite bolognese usually served atop frshly made home made pasta is served at Aloi in New Canaan. Margheritte Aloi trained with Luongo in NYC before moving out here a few years ago. She makes her bolognese with a variety of mets so you never know which you will receive. Plus her pasta is primo delicisio.