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Dec 27, 2008 04:46 PM

SW Tampa - where to take non-foodies

So we have to meet with friends somewhere in SW Tampa (we're in St. Pete and they are in East Tampa), and they suggested Maggiano's or Outback! They don't like ethnic food, which means all of my favorite places are out of the question, and they would be freaked out by some of the places listed on this Board. So seafood or Italian would be ok (not steaks - we ate at Bern's last week). Any suggestions?

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  1. How about Spartaco's on S. MacDill. Nice italian restaurant. But they don't reservations and it is small.

    Another place is Datz Deli on S. Macdill. Is supposed to open this coming weekend. As such I have not tried it yet. But their menu looks fantastic.


    1. The Colonnade on Bayshore Blvd. isn't bad, and has nice views of Tampa Bay. My non-foodie in-laws love it, and my husband and I usually enjoy it as well.

      1. Palm, Shula's, Ruths Chris, Charley's, Capital Grille, Flemings, and there's some seafood restaurant right by Maggiano's at Westshore mall

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          That might be Mitchell's Seafood that you are thinking of.