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Dec 27, 2008 04:27 PM

Where to eat in Newtown?

Ok, so my boyfriend's family is from Newtown - back when it was still a farming town and not a yuppie playground. He likes historical buildings, so we took a walk through the town the other day and saw a bunch of places that looked interesting, but we had no idea what would be actually good. He's more of a steak-and-mashed-potatoes kinda guy than anything else and will unfailingly order chicken parm when we are eating Italian. We were most curious about the Grotto and the Temperance House, as well as the Garden Grille at the Brick Hotel. Any suggestions or recommendations? What's good, what's reasonably priced, and what's not too "out there" (he's not going to go for sushi - I know that much)?

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  1. Avoid the Garden Grille! And no particular raves for The Grotto or Temperance either. Good Italian at La Stalla, La Nuova Vita, Florentino's, The Saloon. For upscale, somewhat "Frenchy" food, Rouget can't be beat....classiest restaurant in town.

    1. I stopped for lunch at La Stalla a few weeks ago. Suffered through a tasteless minestrone and truly the worst cannoli I have ever had. My wife and I used to think this place set the standard for Italian food in Bucks County. How the mighty have fallen. I wouldn't bother with the Grotto or the Saloon. Rouget is definitely on my must-go-to list but haven't had the chance. For basic lunch, I still like Isaac Newton's -- might be to your boyfriend's liking -- sandwiches, etc. Newtown should be better.

      1. Cafe Con Leche is good -- small, BYOB. The menu changes often and has some creative items, but your boyfriend should be able to find something he likes.

        1. Grotto's food is not great. It has a fantastic bar and a really nice interior - but just stick to the bar food and not a full meal...
          Garden Grill is over priced for mediocre food.
          Oishi is awesome for Thai,Korean, and Japanese, but make sure to call ahead for a reservation
          Isaac Newton's is ok. Great beer menu - average food.
          Jules Thin Crust Pizza is pretty good for a quick bite.
          Hope this helps!

          Oh has anyone ever tried IL Sol Tuscan Grill in Newtown?

          1. Steak? - Def goto the Brick Hotel. They have a new steak menu that is really good. I have eaten there 3 times in the past 2 months and have not been disappointed. A few of my friends had great meals there too so its not just me. They are on the rebound (if people thought they were on the outs before).

            I like Grotto's bar but can't say much for their food. La Stalla doesn't impress me and nor does the Saloon.

            I like Rouget. Yarley Inn is decent. Picolo is pretty good too.

            Stay away from Patagonia, I had one of my worse dining experiences there.