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Dec 27, 2008 04:16 PM

Tete in New Brunswick

I was reading the Asbury Park Press and came across this Peruvian take out place. Has anybody been here? I'm curious to find out how it is:


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  1. This is why I enjoy so much! I never would have learned about this place if you hadn't mentioned it. I plan to try it the next time I'm in New Brunswick.

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    1. re: ambrose

      This restaurant just opened also a few months ago off Rt 9.....its on my "TO-GO" list also...

      Chim Pun Peruvian Restaurant

      1012 Cox Cro Rd
      Toms River, NJ 08755

      1. re: ambrose

        Tried it yesterday - very good - a hole in the wall with a more ambitious menu. The specials were good (rice and green peas and a tasty lemon sauce were implicated in many of them) and the value great. The chicha marada was delicious as was a desert based on chicha marada (but more jelly like). I will definitely go back.

        1. re: gargantua2

          Thanks for posting!
          Would have never known about this place otherwise :)
          Can't wait to give it a try.

      2. this restaurant cooks as you order it fresh, authentic peruvian food. He even cooks things you have a craving for even if it's not on the menu. The prices are super reasonable. They have a daily menu that start at $6.50.

        1. I know this is an old thread but I wanted to point out that about a year ago Tete moved across the river to Highland Park.