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Dec 27, 2008 03:59 PM

which brand of green chili in a jar is recommended

So I lived in ABQ for a few years and am now on the east coast. I miss green chili like... there are no words. I know you can order fresh roasted and flash frozen online, but i'm just one little person in a little apartment, I can't afford nor or do I want all that so I was thinking of ordering some type of chopped green chili from a jar. In your opinion, which brand is best? BTW - give Sadie's a kiss for me :)

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  1. Bueno is a very good and popular chie

    It can be found in frozen food section.

    505 Brand is very good too, it is in jars.

    I guess it really depends on which brands you can find where you live!

    Tells us your choices, and we can give you our 2 cents worth!


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      Well I do believe I have to order via the web as I am in Philly and I haven't seen anything around here other than those cans of Hatch green chile in the market but they don't really hit the spot or taste strong enough. I did look up 505 and it seems they are sold in Sam's club around here so perhaps I can make that work. I'm sure I can find a friend who is a member, etc.

      The link to Bueno was great and has me drooling over their "autumn roast" offerings but unfortunately, they charge $50 for shipping $28 of product so that sort of becomes prohibitive at that point.

      So to directly answer you, I'm looking to buy off the 'net, pay a reasonable price for a reasonable amount including shipping (no price in mind but certainly less than $50).

      Thanks so much for your replies. This board is awesome.

      1. re: reddirtgirl

        Although it is a little different from the green chile sauce you get in NM, this brand from CO might be a reasonable substitute. It's been a year or so since I tried it, but I thought it was good.

      1. Honestly, I used to fret about this, but you can whip up a fresh batch that is 100 times better than the jar stuff, with no cooking skills and it takes 20 minutes.. And I like many of the places that make the jar stuff. But jar stuff is rarely ever good, even from the best places.

        They key is access to chiles. Can you get any fresh? If not NM-variety, then one can do with Anaheims. Otherwise, the frozen choices are fine. After that, making green chile is as simple as making bacon and eggs. No great skills needed. I'll post a recipe or two if interested.

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        1. re: tastyjon

          The key is definitely access to the chiles. If I could get them here, I would make it myself. Hence the post. I would agree that frozen is best since they probably don't have preservatives added. But I can't afford to spend $80 on a tub of chile - hence the post :) Thank you for taking the time to reply, I don't mean to be "short" with you.

        2. Wow reddirtgirl... this has been a problem we've faced in Cincinnati as well. I highly recommend Cannon Chile products. They are available in local ABQ grocery stories and via mail order on the web. Slather their green over your burger or eggs and you won't think you've ever left. - - - Lar

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          1. re: Lar

            I just googled them this looks like a good option. minimum order with shipping will come in under $30 for a few jars of "just green chile". Nice job! I didn't see this site in my previous research!