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Darley's in Katoomba, Blue Mountains

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Had a wonderful meal at Darley's. I was so happy to see local produce being used so well. I especially enjoyed my appetizer - a fig and goat curd salad with microgreens. The prawn in the amuse was from nearby as well. The mains were not quite as exciting as the appetizers, but still good. I enjoyed the Berkshire Pork. And dessert - a vanilla cream tart with raspberries and local peaches poached - was delightful. We stayed in the YHA and then took a nice 20 min walk to Darley's - also a nice setting in an old beautiful house. Service was pleasant, and the wine by glass choice was very nice too.

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  1. good to hear. darley's has been going thru some staff these past couple of months, always nice to hear that they're up to their usual standards.