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Dec 27, 2008 01:03 PM

what would you miss most if you had celiac disease?

hello, i was just wondering if any other chowhounds have been diagnosed with celiac disease? i did only a few weeks ago and am missing bread (especially toast in the morning) and porridge with a vengance. just wondering what everyone else with celiac disease misses and if they found good replacments.

feel free to reply with what you think you would miss if disaster struck and you could no longer have wheat, oats, rye, barly and a few more i think i'm forgetting even if you havn't been diagnosed.
P.S ( my mums italian so you can imagine how much i miss normal pasta aswell! ) :-)

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  1. Hi Umbushi-
    Bob's Red Mille makes a good hot cereal. "Mighty fine" I think it is called. I make it with apple or other fruit and cinnamon and nutmeg while it cooks.

    Top with nuts and a few raisins or dried cranberries and it's very good. I make a big batch and freeze separate containers, so I always have a breakfast ready to go.

    Also, Food for Life's Brown Rice Bread--toasted and used to support a farm fresh, over easy egg is some consolation for no more gluten :)

    Good Luck!

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      thanks for the great suggestions! i'll keep an eye open for them :-)

    2. I miss really great pizza crust. I do make a pizza crust occasionally at home i like - using a slow rise method, but there is just no way to get a really good chew in the same way as a great gluten-filled pizza crust.

      most days i am over bread, but occasionally i do a gluten-free version of no-knead bread.

      For bread, I use corn cakes sometimes, and really top quality corn tortillas. Then i make my own when i need a fix, but it took a bit to get used to the taste of the different flours.

      i have found that I can do corn pasta (hard to find), Schar pasta can be good, or tinkyada for everyday pasta. Again, it takes awhile to be honest, but I got used to the GF versions. I have made homemade egg pasta, but don't miss it enough to do it repeatedly.

      I have found quick breads work really well gluten-free, and i can make most desserts gluten-free as well.

      1. I don't know if I have celiac, but I am gluten-intolerant, and I'm only a month into my new diet. What I miss the most is my comfort food baking. I make incredible cinnamon rolls (sour cream babka dough, people! that's where it's at!) and it just kills me that that sort of thing is just a skill I used to have. I showed people love by baking for them and a lot of my identity is wrapped up in that. So now I'm a little peeved at being back to beginner-status, frankly.

        And I really, really miss bagels. We have an incredible bagel place in my town, and I was a regular. Sniff.

        But it's already getting better. Yesterday I made killer homemade mac and cheese, and for Christmas, a great GF cake. My local coop has a TON of GF flours; at least I can go broke trying new things! Tomorrow I'm taking my first whack at corn tortillas. I've also got arepas on my to-do list. I'm trying to focus on what I CAN eat.

        I found it really helpful to spend some time here: -- she is great for inspiration!

        1. I'm vegan and GF. We get the Food For Life Bread and make a lot of our own. We like the TJ's rice pasta. I always hated oatmeal or anything else "slimy" like porridge. My husband is mostly GF out of support for me but will occasionally get some oatmeal for himself.

          You'll also want to avoid spelt.

          Time to discover buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc. We grind our own flour using either our VitaMix or a small coffee/spice grinder. "Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread" by Bette Hagman comes in handy. My husband made pizza crust from the recipe in it last night. We like the Lifestream GF frozen waffles or the ones from TJs.

          1. Being a chef, I miss so many foods... I really miss being able to grab something to eat without feeling like a freak. I have allergies to dairy , wheat, almonds and peanuts - ignoring them has resulted in intolerences of mushrooms, eggs and cane sugar. I can pretty much eat salad dressing on the side, sushi if I bring my own wheat free soy and some thai food. Anything else and I'm making my order into a big deal hold this sub this - I eat a lot of protein and veggies and then everyone thinks I'm on the atkins diet - and just being picky.

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              Have you considered NAET for your allergies?

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                i know when i cook for my family i get really annoyed at not being able to taste anything! thanks everyone for your great responces

                1. re: umbushi plum

                  We had Thanksgiving (several days) with family. Everything we made was made GF and vegan: yam, pecan, cranberry bread; apple peanut butter muffins, savory pumpkin pie, Transylvanian Goulash etc to share and nearly everyone tried them and those who did liked them and asked for recipes. I had to make sure they were going to leave some of the muffins for us for breakfast.

                  1. re: lgss

                    that fantastic you got your whole family on board! my family either goes and sees all of our relatives in italy for christmas or we stay down under in australia with my vietnamiese family.

                    when we go to italy my nonna and all of my aunts spend ours making roast chicken with lemons and the best home made spaghetti ever including my favourite spinach and ricotta ravioli and beautiful mushroom angoloti aswell as the decadent desserts panotone wonderful tiramisu and traditional palermo cake i'm going to miss those its going to be hard to explain to my noona and my grat grandmother who is ninety six why i'm not eating anything!

                    at my vietnamese frandmothers house it should be easier she mostly uses rice and corn to thicken her sauces and she always serves steamed rice. desessert is a sansrival cake (cashew and meringue cake) and sticky black rice yummy i think i can still have both of those i'll have to ask my grandmmother what she puts in them.

                    this year however both of my brothers where oversease so we just we decided to just go to a restaurant in a small lake village just outside Melbourne where i live. the chef was so nice and made me a big bowl of seperate potatos and gluten free stuffing! he also made sure i had dessert he seemed to like me because i was the only person at the restaurant under eighteen. the dessert he made was a lovely mango sago pudding with coconut cream and mango slices all of the sea food was great too and very traditional down here in aussie thanks for every reply by the the way.

                    1. re: umbushi plum

                      My family members eat their own stuff, too, but try ours as well. My sister and her family are vegan organic farmers so open to trying various food as long as it's healthy. My sister-in-law is half Vietnamese and one of my nieces can't have dairy. We went to their house for Thanksgiving last year and offered to do nearly all the cooking there. My husband has visited Melbourne but I haven't yet. My family hosted an exchange student from the Melbourne area many years ago. Unfortunately, we've lost contact with her.

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                        Celiac disease is now very common in Europe, especially in Italy. Your relatives may be better prepared for you than you think. There are many gluten free products there.