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Dec 27, 2008 11:29 AM

About Cheese, Church Street

Went into Cumbrae's for some bread today. They told me they don't sell in anymore as the cheese place RIGHT NEXT DOOR sells it!!! Stop me if you've heard this one... They carry many terrific, well-known high-end cheeses. A small, but very nice selection of breads. They also have some pretty neat spices near the front door. It seems The Village is spawning its own mini Thieves area.

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  1. Just had a Boxing Day Brunch of their cheeses, and I can't say enough good about them. The SO declared one of the picks to be the crack cocaine of the cheese world. Sorry Alex Farms, I've decided to start cheating on you.

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      I'll definitely cheat on Alex Farms (danforth location)..last few times I've been there, service has been pretty poor. Quite a bit of attitude (i.e. a d%@khead, to be precise) from one of the younger guys working behind the counter.

      How do the prices compare to Alex Farms?

      1. re: grandgourmand

        Hopefully someone else can answer your question gg. I've never understood the fascination with Alex Farms. I always buy my cheeses at Ewenity Farms in the Farmers Market and Olympic in the SLM. I probably still will although the Church St duo of stores means I know where I'm going for special occasions. I note, however, that About Cheese sells Ewenity goods more than just one day a week. Handy.

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          They're downright rude at Danforth Alex location. I was in there today - against my better judgement but it was on the way home. I almost walked out there was so much attitude. I usually go to the Queen E. location. The manager and staff there are very friendly. The crew on the Danforth, NEVER again. I've been in three times in the last year (since we moved away from the Danforth) and it's been attitude every time. Such a switch from 6 or 7 years ago when Tom worked there. I drop at least $200 on cheese every month and the Danforth Alex location is not getting another penny of it.

          1. re: kmacd

            It was great when Tom was working there. He moved to Greece. I also spent a lot on cheese there. at least $50 a week. But Tom went to the Beaches store, and the Danforth location was sold to a franchisee. Instead of going in for cheese every week, I think I've been there 4 or 5 times in the last 4 years. Tom moved to Greece about 6 years ago.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Thanks. I wondered what happened to him. I followed him to the Beach and then he got married and disappeared. Terry took over and does a great job. I didn't realize the Danforth store was franchised. That explains a lot.