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Dec 27, 2008 11:24 AM

Another Burbank Disappointment

Went to Lucas Trattoria on Pass for dinner last night and was really disappointed. I had the corn and spinach risotto and my mom had the spicy penne with sausage. The risotto was heavy with cream and cheese but totally lacking in flavor. I'm sure it was frozen corn they were using. My mom's penne had exactly three pieces of sausage and was not spicy. The tomato sauce tasted raw and bland. The bread we got was also pretty gummy. We won't be going back, might as well go to Monto Carlo's instead and that is pretty sad Italian food. Now that I know it's owned by the Bistro Provence guys I'm even more disappointed.

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  1. Well, I always liked Tony's Bella Vista across from Pinocchio better for Italian food.

    Is this supposed to be Italian? (corn risotto? really?) And if so, why are people who run a decent French restaurant trying to cook Italian food?

    1. I 've always thought Bistro Provence was middling, at best. As a result, I find it not at all surprising that their take on Italian would be similarly uninspired.
      When someone opens an above average Italian spot in the Valley, they will have what amounts to a license to print money, oh yes, and my undying gratitude.

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      1. re: bodie

        Bodie gets it right - a quality Italian restaurant in the central or eastern portion of the valley will have a license to print money.
        Yet Bistro Provence, and its sibblings, is not only not italian, it is not even good french provencal.
        sad, so sad!

        1. re: carter

          But as things go in Burbank, sadly, it's one of the better options.