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Dec 27, 2008 10:31 AM

French Macaron's in Dallas?

Got a craving and need to get it satisfied... HELP!

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  1. Not for sure, but I think Rush Patisserie on Elm Street in Deep Ellum has them. Good croissants and other authentic French pastries, too.

    1. The only true French Macaroons that I know of would be @ I would call ahead and ask if they have them before making the run out to Allen.

        1. re: thebeanfield

          I could be wrong but I don't believe he actually would do this kind of baking. I know his bread for instance is made by Voila.

          1. re: irodguy

            I've had macarons there. I'm not sure they're made on site, but they do seem authentic.

        2. Central Market, at least the one in Plano, now carries them. They have six flavors: lemon, raspberry, chocolate, mocha, pistachio and vanilla. I didn't care too much for the chocolate but the other flavors were pretty good.

          1. Chef Joe Baker makes them out of his home in Irving under the Texas Cottage Act - go to to order.