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Looking for food website - need help

This is an entirely random stab at hope. But, I'll give it a try.

I stumbled across a website last month (?) that had many recipes listed, blog-style. Though it's not exactly like a food blog where she puts down her daily food experiences. More or less, it's a place this woman was jotting down recipes she hoped to try in the future. Some of the recipes were ones on her "to try" blog/list were fromthe issues of Bon Appetit and other cooking mags she subscribes too.

Dumb me, I didn't bookmark the web address or even jot it down on scrap paper. Anyone know of this website/blog? She's a middle-aged woman. She had tons of pages of some very yummy desserts. The site had a very clean, cottage look to it.

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  1. live, it's a big ocean of food blogs out there but I offer this suggestion.

    try backtracking the file history on your PC and see if the cookie or origin for the website still appears in your file history
    try your web browsers pull down menu to see if the site is still listed

    good luck!

    1. Could it possibly be this one: http://ayearatoakcottage.blogspot.com/ ?

      If it isn't and you can't find it, I'd suggest you try www.tastepotting.com as they list the best recipes from lots of food blogs around the world so you might be able to come across it there...Good luck!

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      1. Haha...I did indeed! Sorry about the typo and hope you'll find it!

        1. Paula, great blog. But not the one I was searching for.

          HillJ, I will live and swim in the ocean of food blogs :-) (There's certainly enough of them to keep the food-chain of blogs going!) However nothing is more irritating to me than not being able to find something I wished I would have bookmarked! Suffice to say, I did indeed look through my file history but couldn't locate it anywhere, but I'll take a second look. Maybe it's in the depths of my PC's cookie sea. :-) Hehehe

          Paula and blewgo: I will check out tastespotting! I hope it's there.

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            live, when this happens to me I run a file-search/cookies and let the little dog do the surfing for me. I usually find it. But if in my own food blog search I come across the one you describe, I will link it here for you.

          2. I might add, the blog's background was white - if that jogs anyone else's memory.

            1. http://thebittenword.typepad.com/theb...

              well, this blog isn't by a woman or cottage-like but the bloggers are working their way thru food mags and the recipes are wonderful.

              any chance it's this site: http://smittenkitchen.com/ ?

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              1. re: HillJ

                WOW! Fantastic food blogs! Thank you for sharing :-) You're helping me cope with my loss. And you're making me laugh in the process!

                If I ever find the blog, I'll pos tit here -just because it would only be right. Ha!

                1. re: live vintageously

                  Ha! I love a good puzzle...and I'm so curious which food blog I'm missing out on!

                  1. re: HillJ

                    Hehe! Perhaps we should we exchange our food blog lists... let me know.

                    1. re: live vintageously

                      live, other than smitten kitchen and pioneer woman as much for the giggles as for the recipes-both I don't have many favs but I do read tastespotting.com every few days for recipe ideas and Serious Eats weekly for trends. My fav food mags are the Edible Publications. Are you familiar with Edible?

                      What are some of your food blog favs? Any particular food category you enjoy more? It would be nice to learn about a few new food blogs.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        Never heard of Edible. I'll look it up. I also like to read Pioneer Woman :-)

                        I most enjoy reading, making, and dreaming about sweets, baked goods, and desserts. And that's really what I'm good at. I'm not a very good cook--which is far different from baking, I've discovered. Therefore, I much prefer home cooking and lighter fare (soups, salads, sandwiches, vegetables) because it's something I can actually do. Jamie Oliver and Giada are two faves I like for some inspiriation.

                        My only blog faves right now are David Lebovitz and The Wednesday Chef. Two new ones I just disovered are Lucy's Kitchen Notebook, and Tea and Cookies.
                        For a a gastronomic food blogroll... http://www.kiplog.com/food/foodlinks.htm It's not as extensive as tastespotting.com. But there are still some great blogs to be found.

                        And now that I've been introduced to tastespotting.com, I think I'll be viewing it regularly. It really is a great way to find recipes without wading through hundreds of blogs.

                        P.S. I've enjoyed our chats :-) I'll look for you on the boards. And I'll definitely let you know if I ever find that blog again. If it helps, I take back the shabby chic/cottage design of the blog. It was more clean then that. Think Ina Garten.

                        1. re: live vintageously

                          Do You Know The Muffin Man is a special blog for those who bake. I've been following along for some time. I just started baking cinnamon bread for a few specialty stores after 17 years baking bread (mostly as a hobby). But my cheesecake skills are still be honed. I wish I could claim mastery for all things baked....but it's chemistry isn't it!

                          Happy reading!