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Dec 27, 2008 10:19 AM

Where is Ricks in Reading Market

Went down to Philly, looking forward to Ricks Philly Cheesesteak in reading market and was soooo disappointed that it wasn't there. where is he???? After that went for the best pork and broccoli rabe at tony lukes and they were closed for the week. Came back to ny depressed.

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  1. Ricks is gone after a long and ugly "divorce" with the Market.

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    1. Next time go to DiNics in Reading Terminal for the roast pork sandwich and/or Salumeria for an Italian hoagie

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        Is he opening somewhere else???? I went to was OK but not as good as Tony Lukes. Where else near the market is there a really good cheesesteak that I could walk to or else one outside the area but not Genos or Pats, they are not my favorites. Had one at Campos that was pretty good and am not a fan of Jims. Johns is always closed when I can get there.

        1. re: ncara

          Try Sonny's next door to Campo's at 216 Market St. IMO their sandwich is much better than Campo's.