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Dec 27, 2008 10:18 AM

Steak &/or Seafood on Long Island

Hi-- In lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts with my husband's siblings, we decided to go out for a group dinner (there will be six of us). The preferred cuisine seems to be steak and/or seafood. We've got a budget of $50 per person and would like to stay in the eastern Nassau/western Suffolk area, north or south shore. Any recommendations?

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  1. Some suggestions are:
    Frank's Steakhouse in Jericho
    Major's in Woodbury- probably the most reasonable
    Blackstones and Rothman's are pricey- but may fit your budget without a liquor bill or dessert
    IF you can do lunch, some places have excellent specials

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      Thanks for the suggestions. We really want to try Blackstones but the in-laws think it'll be too pricey so we will probably save that for another time.

    2. If cost is of a concern, the best buy for your money in steaks is J&Rs. They are in Stony Brook, Holbrook, Patchogue and Calverton.

      Their steaks are tasty and perfectly cooked, although not the most expensive cuts. For less than $18 you can get a delicious skirt steak (about 18" long) or a 24 ounce rib steak. If you go to the website, there are coupons good for a free appetizer or dessert for every two people. They take multiple coupons. If you belong to, you get 10 or 15% rebate on any bill charged to a registered credit card. You can't beat the value.